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svechina vera

Faith and  people who worked at apple:


-I ve !!Jonathan Ive wins the National Design Award for Product Design iPhone Alley Spectrum !

svechina vera is 1 ningen woman (HUMAN) born 1973 in soviet union VOUGUE hired wintor 1988.  Vogue is a world fashion and lifestyle magazine that is published monthly in 23 national and regional editions by Condé Nast. Vogue means "style" in French.Vogue (Вог, фр. мода) — женский журнал о моде, 

издаваемый с 1892 г. 100 years later   1992 svechina vera 

NINE: .NEWS...and  ON TV ABOUT 4 islands and apple logo model planed for svechina veras 11 years old in SOVIET UNION. 
 Only you
Can make all this change in me
For it's true
You are my destiny
When you hold my hand
I understand
The magic that you do
You're my dream come true
My one and only you

 one stockton made for svechina vera .... 2010 steve jobs saying svechina vera 10 billion $ for svechina  vera since 1977 for being only apple logo model..for svechina vera plan to go to edge dinner to meet all  IT guys 1999 2000....+ svechina vera making film writing books....taking photos....

 I saw the harbor lights
They only told me we were parting (SVECHINA VERA is  GETTING MARRIED)

 The same old harbor 
lights that once brought you to me
I watched the harbor lights
How could I help if tears were starting

prince japan loves svechina vera
  her (svechina veras)        lands......
and that is some not important at all  in 20th and 21 centry 
princess maxima (svechina vera is friend of polevskiy max)...made palm theatre in telluride and 
prince alexander......(a bit important as male king in long time in nederlands)

Goodbye to tender nights beside the silv'ry sea  ...BOG 
VERA NIKOLAY. (NEW TSAREVNA is film maker) Cherry BLOSSOM PRINCESS   PRINCE NARUHITO of japan GOT engagement on svechina veras mothers birthday 1993       to help svechina vera to sign peace...and make new IT country land of 1000 candles....jackson came to moscow 1993... 1917 logo 
was made from svechina veras corporation united states of america....
1957 the prince and the show girl....CHERRY BLOSSOM PRINCESS (SVECHINA VERA apple logo model film maker)

 svechina veras film ...and books....2009 stock ton...

My dream

Is a wondrous dream
It's the answer too
Wanting only you   
(svechina vera got U in japan facebook made 2004)
My dream
Is a true delight
My escape at night
From a world that's blue
The world we know
Seems so far away
And where we go
Is for us to say
My Dream
Is a wealth of joy
No one can destroy
When I dream my dream
It's no common dream
It's a wondrous dream

1984-2009 = 25  ...
since 1976 svechina vera lives here:
 {Red sails in the sunset, way out on the sea}
Oh, carry my loved one home safely to me
{She sailed at the dawning, all day I've been blue}
Red sails in the sunset, I'm trusting in you
Swift wings you must borrow
Make straight for the shore
We marry tomorrow
And she goes sailing no more
{Red sails in the sunset, way out on the sea}
Oh, carry my loved one home safely to me
Swift wings you must borrow
Make straight for the shore
We marry tomorrow
And she goes sailing no more
{Red sails in the sunset}
Way out on the sea (ooh-wee-ooh, wee-ooh)
Oh, carry my loved one
{Home safely to me}

25 svechina vera with hercules bellville and veras film in mind..

100 years suntory ....(only you =only svechina vera)

time to svechina vera go to to TV  2009
  Показано Без имени-1.jpg
bill o reily......
there was never any problem with svechina vera SOVIET UNION BORN
Cherry BLOSSOM PRINCESS....always was "yes"..

 The House of a Thousand Candles ( 1906)       SAN FRANCISCO 

     after svechina vera is tom cruz....posibly for that was killed romanov 1918 in russia...........they didnt want new svechina veras IT country even them......possibly....


 Santorini...Santorini            win win twin  

zodiak born  SVECHINA VERA Petrovna ...

. world trade center began to be made 1966-1915=51 sf peace got veras mother the home number  33.... 44th president ...  made for NEW svechina  vera 2008 to help svechina vera with 4 islands problem....signing peace with japan....north is svechina vera

Показано Без имени-1.jpg

    TAKAEVA N (from home 33) in soviet union win twin 1941 1945 .twin (svechina vera) is apple.....1961..
 new 1973 svechina vera born  (since 1929 peaceful plan in sf with veras family)  tamara svechina veras grandmothers was 7...) ... nori  1968 and norimaki  in japan......

25 svechina vera is here.......100 years suntory ....
 1955 1999 her (svechina veras)  ku les         and svechina vera with film...

net her lands ..prince jaime bernarodo (named after film maker) born........HIS Bride is Svechina Vera...  1999..... ABOUT SVECHINA VERAS AND PRINCE JAIMES ROMANCE......


1992 OBNISNK MAFIA desided to fuck around with private property and cahnge laws......they very jealous that svechina vera owes 4 kurill islands//////

2002 cyril mari opened shop  street in SF karaoke bar  mari is not joly mari has dress after 1984 vera and prince jaime bernardo.... vera svechina  1996....... joly has no relation to wedding of svechina vera and prince jaime bernardo.......and no relation to mary ...mafia opened cyril street andf made marijoly and tried to kill svechina vera in SF CA USA.....
 2002..1997 that is not svechina vera that is fake and prostitute that is has no relation to life
 of svechina vera: :   russian mafia that has no relation to life of svechina vera or hercules bellville or to sentry or anything in vedas LIFE... or film making at all.............attacked film maker  svechina vera

and film producer  hercules bellville at cannes film getting fake shirt of hercules that led to his death 2009 ...
 ....1999 100 years suntory .....

   2002...what rapist pigozzi need from veras svechina?

 angelica  is blond and is not 1 russian hostess and they killed LUCY/VERA with disco mafia and hangarian cservenyak prostitute and got in VERAS PANAMA... had baby in tokyo ........angelica has no relation to svechina veras film life. and life in general and all that mafia is not welciomed. in any way,

 against svechina vera mafia : that has to pay damage to life of young smart russian woman who mafia tried to kill ..pigozzi will never be heir of 4 islands.........he is wasting everyones time....
 2003 NIEJELSKI IS PROSTITUTE UGLY ALEXIA ciril.....they tried to kill STEV EPRINCESS JAPAN JAPANESE$S RUSSIAN 33 of svechina vera and veras home of 1000 candles .....pigozzi is not svechina vera he is rapist with fake ugly greek on veras trime.. hercules bellville hated greek as fake and stupid.

angelica is not svechina vera.  panama from veras mothers hat for vera to make film 1996 is not related to any of that moscow events with zhukova 2008 ..pigozzi has to pay damage he done to svechina vera and veeras mother damage done with his mafia..........pigozzi is criminal .who mafia behind that crime…that has norelation to svechina vera .pigozzi is criminal ….
   1994 svechina vera went to caves in OKINAWA .......

 2000  from the club where svechina vera was 1 russian HOSTESS in roppongi  .....Blackman's dismembered body was found, buried in a shallow  under a bathtub in a seaside cave at Miura, Kanagawa, about 30 miles south of Tokyo, just a few hundred metres from Obara's apartment.  (NEAR THE CAVE?) The body had been cut into eight pieces. Her head had been shaved and encased in concrete. The discovery of the body was too late to determine the cause of the death.
 In 2003, a series of incidents had become known as the Margarita-affair. In the media Margarita and her husband accused the Dutch Royal House and the Dutch secret service of obstructing the affairs of Fincentives, the company of de Roy van Zuydewijn. They also said that their telephone conversations had been secretly telephone tappedAfter some while it was revealed that the Queen's personal Cabinet had indeed ordered an investigation; the right to do so was legally removed from the Queen.

1993  BRIDE IS SVECHINA VERA apple logo model IT 

PRINCESS....  t pan a (for svechina veras wedding for apple logo model svechina vera ) ma pigozzi got panama 1996 here is no blond bride or any other woman at all.......there are mafia prostitutes and crinminal people.......  ......that is mafia made   pigozzi rapist 2005 and killed hercules .who is the mafia? 

zhukova abramovich and mafia., pigozzi to moscow he is rapist 2005......
  HEIRESS is svechina vera     ..brown (hair) girl in the ring....sha la la la la 1978 svechina vera 5 years old.

NEW. Hope likes films.....(HOPE BAKAKINA) japanese.....svechina veras aunt.

fan of svechina vera: 

1996 tokyo japan. svechina veras is I LOVE YOU...
from japan....1993. about made by  svechina vera perfume: vincent gallo. vin sent girl apple lo       LOVE    j lo...(quite big artist)                 

is about svechina veras perfume that planed to be made with svechina veras film since 1996.

 dohan and vincent is with svechina veras film. LOVE LOVE svechina vera is svechina veras singature....

svechina veras mother 5 years old ... 1947. 

photo taken:


was an attempted coup d'état in Spain that began on 23 February 1981 and ended on the following dayBusto de Juan Carlos I de España (2009).jpg SOMEONE FOUND OUT ABOUT ILLEGAL PLANS OF HANARGAIN MAFIA TO KILL SVECHINA VERA.......

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