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Svechina Vera got Attcked in SF By hangarian russian tivor jail related nederlands mafia after that mafia killed hercules bellville...2009 2010 2011 2012 sf on 5 25 stockton...403 they tried to kill svechina vera..they tried to re make it to 52 5 ( 1952 jean pigozzi (nihon jin ...they tried to turn princess to people......and killed steve jobs....steve princess japan.... born and he never had any relation to veras address in sf.. svechina vera has relation to pigozzis villa DORANE in cannes..pigozzi has no relation to svechina veras sf apt. ... ..and they killed svechina veras relatives and it happed they have been killing svechina vears relatvies back in russia for many years.......and they have been organising crimes against new IT princess svechina vera for many years

.moiseenko is ..against svechina vera, against veras film.... and against SUNTORY ....... moiseenko    gave svechina vera peper spray to protect svechina russia....

 mafia got peper ......that is fake prostitute melani  to kill STEVE JOBS and that is how svechina vera never met steve jobs and didnt go to ted get veras salary stock .. ( who organised that crime with svechina veras photos?)
 and     that real ugly crime gave mafia oportunity to make crime to get illegal prostitutes angelica is prostitute and illegal in japan...and they origilaly are not related to pigozzi get to pigozzi and to do rapes and crimes and kill hercules bellville. and to kill O YUME NI...

the world most famous BRIDE APPLE LOGO MODEL SVECHINA VERA in sf .........and kill harismatic creator of apple corporation.....steve jobs. 
in 21 centry......

fake flag and oracle......who organised that crime? that is crime.

+ all that hangarian mafia people have no relation to svechina vera , to veras mother father and any of veras relatives.....and will have to be aressted and go to criminal jail.
svechina vera 1973 october ...1974.......

 behind svechina vera in 1973 is not peper spray .....1991 after hangrian prostitute and her father went to nederlands.......knowing of svechina vera

1999. living svechina veras life....

press li? (are you sure that is press?)..... JAPANESE CAME TO USSR ABOUT 4 ISLANDS.pri
was  blowed up 1986 against svechina veras and prince jaime bernardo of burbon parmas SON. 1 only ningen woman is svechina vera....
     .   1997  cher net real.

19791999 svechina vera went to cannes...     all that jaimes mafia against svechina vera has to go to criminal jail.  svechina vera in cannes with make film........legaly.  MO BP to svechina vera  misha olimpiyskiy Vera princess ...... 33 80.....

    prince naruhito got engagement on veras  mothers birthday ....1993 for svechina vera to do well in life..... great idea..

          da (if peace signed)  (to dog     ) lay.



 Krasaviza, aW! zabawa on!

 one love......(svechina vera) ...killed BOB marley.......BIN TO V! 

WIN TO VERA! svechina vera tokubet

kaBzon   get the fuck out that ugly jail cservenyak and mafia from
nederlands from life
 of svechina vera    and professional film people......we all dont want hanagrian mafia jail related chervenyak. 
Виктория Червеняк - юрист по образованию, но строит карьеру писательницы. Недавно ее первая книга вышла в свет. Перед переездом в Нидерланды она жила в Швейцарии. ?
they paid mafia to illegally get in life of svechina vera to kill svechina vera ( real bride of prince jaime) kill veras father and mother and get garbich all over the place to get vera down.....

  from where mafia tried to kill svechina vera...mafia got ready that prostitute chervenyak  for a while..... Принц Хайме познакомился с ней приблизительно год назад. О предстоящей свадьбе было объявлено в августе 2013 года. 

and has to go to jail. 
all that cservenyak mafia .......

 Mark Pincus's Alleged Stalking Stripper, Vera Svechina ... what mafia is behind that incredibly  ugly hangarian......?????they have to go to jail. svechina vera is not part of terrorist chervenyak hanrgain cheap bullshit wedding....irene need to go to jail........get of my family life. 

get your jail tivor mafia prostitutes 
outside of svechina veras life. all svechina veras friends dopnt want that ugly hanargian

hangarian and mafia kabzon and jail people  tried to kill svechina vera and killed 20 of veras relatives....and have to go ot jail......criminal ugfly hanrgian is not gonna "get it"......not gonna get brain is too ugly and cant get anything ....

svechina vera is not part of mafia bullshit. svechina vera likes USA............and not together with chservenyak mafia ugluy terrorist group....
  could be with  crochfild, could be with svechina veras film and with
 michael jordan................ but he is with jail related mafia and is not allowed to the usa.......kabzon likes criminal jail mafia better......
....knowing that svechina veras life is not related to jail and mafia

 princess anetta 2009 was right.1990 .by 2009. svechina vera  made FILM 1 hour 10 minutes  with 
hercules      . last train from roppongi aka asobi ....for svechina vera planed to with jagger  and  meet prince japan loves svechina vera..and ATEMPT TO KILL SVECHINA VERA , apple logo model . since 1977  with svechina vera..............

HAPPENED..... ..IN SF. and  jail related criminal mafia that organised  attempt  to kill svechina vera will go to jail ... that same mafia kicked out panetta.......illegally...from his obamas time...obama and panetta with japanese 4 islands problem and with  house of 1000 candles.........

already illegal: right after vera came back from cannes.1999.........
 svetlana is veras or veras mothers shirt ....illegally...  
zukova illegally abramovich is illegally and has to pay svechina vera if he want to be A....because it's not him and he is mafia and he made fake boat.......from veras photo.......
got on veras time in russia.......and didnt pay to vera svechina for yo mobil from veras book...When Mr. Kobzon was born, on Sept. 11, 1937, the vozhd was his namesake, Iosif Stalin.In quick succession, he married vironika   and divorced a singer, and then an enduringly popular actress, Lyudmila Gurchenko. He met his third wife, ninel'Nelli, in 1972,  when SVECHINA VERAS PRINCE JAIME BERNARDO WAS BORN........AND KGB OR SOME MAFiA ALREADY PLANED TO KILL SVECHINA VERA ..hangrian mafia TIVOR with jail related mafia 1982 against svechina veras mother and against japan ..against JAPANESE EMPEROR.....AGAINST SVECHINA VERAS NEW COUNTRY...against SVECHINA VERAS LIFE........get born ugly hanrgian .....and speaks proudly of his son, daughter and four granddaughters. marina came to live in apt. 97 of fake building late 80s (not related to 1997 in USA AND IN THE WORLD when NEW  svechina vera went to film academy in sf.) 

after cannes......... ..

..mafia dressed that woman up ..2000 didenko veras shirt ...irina with utgly prostitute didenko that is illegal in japan and irina illegal in norway .........they all hate svechina vera making film and they killed mamaontova (MARINA VIKTORIYA? marina is not victoriya ..viktoriya is hanrgain prostitute and will have to die hangarian prostitute is not planed in nederlands for 400 years .)  and they killed hercules bellville and killed steve jobs and
killed veras aunt hope likes films...

all that mafia will have to go to jail same did silverstain and 2001. 
     and hanrgian prostitute  with jail related father ...KGB 1972 made kabzon to get married..... or guppies ...did cab ZON ...(jail mafia...hangrian is mafia.......and that all is against svechina veras film) with blond prostitute after they killed veras father and tried to kill svechina vera......... 2003 apple store opened for svechina veras birthday in japan...kom and svechina vera (33) japan.

   2003 pigozzi in veras shirt  ........illegally....
      2009 he is KOM& rapist  pigozzi ...komiya san is not interested svechina vera is also not interested  = it's com and svechina vera..and pigozzi and mafia organized attempt to kill svechina vera apple logo model ..killed many people.....and got on veras place and time.......   and will have to go to jail. snowden is PUTIN.....they with 2001 attack on world trade center and illegal olympics.....and hangarian and tivor have to be killed. all that people are not related to life of svechina vera  they all fake....

На чужои караваи рот не разeваи  ! 

made from svcehina veras face apple logo...
svechina vera with veras 


that is planed wedding........ 
 who is behins that crime? that is fake: jealous ugly wojcicki :......planed attempt to kill svechina vera and that..
.       POLISH plain against svechina vera mafai hangrian and russian crushed....that is ugly mafia that never was welcomed in veras life......that hangarin need to be killed with her ugly father and all that cheap and not intelegent group.......that tried to kill svechina vera............attempt to kill svechina vera = that will be in jail.  nederlands is open country and hopefully that can go to jail. 
 that is ukranian orlova alexia's bullshit....against JAPAN with svechina vera and svechina veras land of 1000 candles and against veras film adn against svcehina veras relatives....... with illegal in japan didenko..prostitute ......didenko sold for 10 000$ and killed her brother........
    and fake alexia 2005 ugly after fucking moiseenko in nedelrands born ugly olesya and in veras shirt... 

stole veras photos ugly orlova  and tried to kill svechina vera 
that has to be killed. for getting in veras photos in svechina vera hates that ugly fake cheap mafia........
.prepering to kill svechina vera in 2009 .that is jealous ugoly group.....they killed steve...tom luddy and telluride is not with that group 2003..since:1957 the prince and the movie maker girl svechina vera making film in japan....... mafia  from obninsk, against svechina vera illegally got to grammy on veras time..2003

that mafia doing crime  on time of svechina veras WEDDING.....

and they all against JAPAN and against STEVE JOBS AS HE IS



russian mafia:
 with all that russian mafiaGrowing up: Lisa is now a writer and has touched on the emotional baggage that came with not having a clear family structure in her life while she was growing up (seen in her 1996 senior yearbook at left and more recently at right)  against svechina veras film without any relation to svechina vera ...against steve jobs and killed steve jobs at 56 year old ..nonsence......and svechina vera didnt get salary  stock....1998......they got  mafia fucks makarova..abramoich is mafia and was getting on veras line...making toys early on in george lucas that is not abramoviches CRIMINAL MAFIA life.get the fuck out that all mafia from life of svechina vera icluding prostitute hanagrian and jail father..svechina vera and house of 1000 candles...and land of 1000 candles ...never agreed to have anything incommon
 with that ugly mafia...and that hangarian will be killed...maybe with jaime...asap. need to be killed with all that blond ugly didenko prostites group. . defenition of ugly that mafia  can find......abramovich and zhukova is illegal. and cant get on svechina veras post card from 1907........    that is with 2001 attack on svechina veras world trade center.....2003 that turned to futbol on veras time...who pays for abramovich to get on veras line? dressed makarova in veras shirt in academy of art......makarova has no relation to academy of art in sf .....mafia....against svechina vera....tries to kill apple.....

1983 svechina vera 10 years old ...ronald reigan FAITH vera = svechina vera .......  svechina vera is mentally healthy billy joel also sounds mentally healthy........

Tell her about it: dear prince jaime bernardo of burbon parma please tell svechina vera about what is going on.......tell that prince jaime bernardo is svechina veras fiance...

Listen boy...   
Don't want to see you let a good thing
Slip away
You know I don't like watching
Anybody make the same mistakes
I made
She's a real nice girl
And she's always there for you
But a nice girl wouldn't tell you what you should do
Listen boy
I'm sure that you think you got it all
Under control
 (mother of prince jaime will pay for ALL DAMAGE  done TO SVECHINA VERA and svechina veras relatives....svechina vera will come to nederlands, will visit to police and will write report ..)
You don't want somebody telling you
The way to stay in someone's soul
You're a big boy now
You'll never let her go
But that's just the kind of thing
She ought to know
Tell her about it
Tell her everything you feel
Give her every reason to accept
That you're for real
Tell her about it
Tell her all your crazy dreams
Let her know you need her
Let her know how much she means
Listen boy
It's not automatically a certain guarantee
To insure yourself
You've got to provide communication constantly
When you love someone
You're always insecure
And there's only one good way
To reassure
Tell her about it
Let her know how much you care
When she can't be with you
Tell her you wish you were there
Tell her about it
Every day before you leave
Pay her some attention
Give her something to believe
Cause now and then
She'll get to worrying
Just because you haven't spoken
For so long
Though you may not have done anything
Will that be a consolation when she's gone
Listen boy
It's good information from a man
Who's made mistakes
Just a word or two that she gets from you
Could be the difference that it makes
She's a trusting soul
She's put her trust in you
But a girl like that won't tell you
What you should do
Tell her about it
Tell her everything you feel
Give her every reason
To accept that you're for real
Tell her about it
Tell her all your crazy dreams
Let her know you need her
Let her know how much she means
Tell her about it
Tell her how you feel right now
Tell her about it
The girl don't want to wait too long
You got to tell her about it
Tell her now and you won't go wrong
You got to tell her about it
Before it gets too late
You got to tell her about it
You know the girl don't want
To wait--you got to
Tell her about it
-I ve !!Jonathan Ive wins the National Design Award for Product Design iPhone Alley Spectrum ! ve soviet union vera i (and) o 

  steve jobs made pixar and got married for svechina veras wedding.....with that bar...
 in sf svechina vera came to sf 1997 .....steve jobs came back to apple....


svechina vera is 1 ningen woman (HUMAN) born 1973 in soviet union VOUGUE hired wintor 1988.  Vogue is a world fashion and lifestyle magazine that is published monthly in 23 national and regional editions by Condé Nast. Vogue means "style" in French.Vogue (Вог, фр. мода) — женский журнал о моде, 

издаваемый с 1892 г. 100 years later   1992 svechina vera 

NINE: .NEWS...and  ON TV ABOUT 4 islands and apple logo model planed for svechina veras 11 years old in SOVIET UNION. 
 Only you
Can make all this change in me
For it's true
You are my destiny
When you hold my hand
I understand
The magic that you do
You're my dream come true
My one and only you

 one stockton made for svechina vera .... 2010 steve jobs saying svechina vera 10 billion $ for svechina  vera since 1977 for being only apple logo model..for svechina vera plan to go to edge dinner to meet all  IT guys 1999 2000....+ svechina vera making film writing books....taking photos....


 made in the 1950s! in NEDERLANDS....nederladns need to move from 100 commonwealth in sf........putin is with that mafia ...all they done is got place on 100 commonwealth? which is fake place in sf .......and it gave putin idea to make edinaya russia  2000 and stop veras film 2004 and  to kill 

svechina vera....and steve jobs....... (because he is sakura princess japan and svechina vera is CHERRY BLOSSOM PRINCESS)
and get fake chelsy to veras apt. and they have to go to jail.
 CHERRY BLOSOOM PRINCESS new IT princess is svechina vera.......
steve princess japan.......born 1955.....

 I saw the harbor lights
They only told me we were parting (new IT princess SVECHINA VERA is  GETTING MARRIED...20 centry fox..

 The same old harbor 
lights that once brought you to me
I watched the harbor lights
How could I help if tears were starting

 1982 BILLY JOEL........svechina vera nine ....

Psych 1, Psych 2
What do you know?
All your life is Channel 13 (prince japan loves svechina vera)
Sesame Street (going to make toys for svechina vera film..
prince is one of the toys that svechina vera planes to make)
What does it mean?
Don't ask for help
You're all alone
You'll have to answer
To your own
I'm sure you'll have some cosmic rationale
But here you are in the ninth  in ninas (But here you are  in svechina vera)
Two men out  (two sons out) and three men on  boy grew up by that time and interesting to hear from him.....what he was doing in carmel near svechina vera 1997....
    5 25 stock ton 40 3 children....40 svechina vera was 2013
Nowhere to look but inside
Where we all respond to
All your life is Time Magazine
I read it too
What does it mean?
I'm sure you'll have some cosmic rationale
But here you are with your faith
And your Peter Pan advice
You have no scars on your face
And you cannot handle pressure
Pressure, pressure
One, two, three, four
pressure anetta
Leon Panetta, official DoD photo portrait, 2011.jpg
princess anetta 2009 (svechina vera and all that people knew that.....) please, anetta.......:Показано Без имени-1.jpg

prince japan loves svechina vera
  her (svechina veras)        lands......
and that is some not important at all  in 20th and 21 centry 
svechina vera is friend of polevskiy max......made palm theatre in telluride

  princess maxima  .. and 
prince alexander......( alexander is a bit important as male king in long time in nederlands): nederlands  went with hangarian mafia and attempt to kill svechina vera in sf 2009 2010 2011 2012 and with killing steve jobs....and nederlands went with death of alexander 2  (alexander for  new svechina vera petrovna twin zodiak) (killed) Alexander II of Russia (Russian: Алекса́ндр II Никола́евич, Aleksandr II Nikolaevich) (29 April [O.S. 17 April] 1818 in Moscow – 13 March [O.S. 1 March] 1881 in Saint Petersburg) was the Emperor of Russia from 2 March 1855 until his assassination in 1881 (by hangarian mafia or some other mafia and then they got cheap ugly  hangarian mafia on that  place....)1981 svechina vera is 8.....svechina vera and apple.......legally.......and steve jobs is legally with apple (1 infinite loop) ... and alexander 3.......... alexander 3 died at Livadia on the afternoon of 1 November [ 20 October..svechina vera 20 centry fox went at 20 in october 1993 to make film..telluride film festival was made for vera svechina 1974...) 1894,   (1994 svechina vera got new country flag for svechina vera and veras mothers 
new country ) alexander 3 died  at the age of forty-nine,   1949 japanese left 4 islands for svechina vera.


and prince japan loves svechina vera.. Heir is svechina vera only and svechina veras children...... ... svechina vera is on the throne...and blackland....prince japan loves svechina vera (jaime) went to study diplomacy .

Goodbye to tender nights beside the silv'ry sea  ...BOG 
VERA NIKOLAY. (NEW TSAREVNA is film maker) Cherry BLOSSOM PRINCESS   PRINCE NARUHITO of japan GOT engagement on svechina veras mothers birthday 1993       to help svechina vera to sign peace...and make new IT country land of 1000 candles....jackson came to moscow 1993... 1917 logo 
was made from svechina veras corporation united states of america....
1957 the prince and the show girl....CHERRY BLOSSOM PRINCESS (SVECHINA VERA apple logo model film maker)

 svechina veras film ...and books....2009 stock ton...

My dream

Is a wondrous dream
It's the answer too
Wanting only you   
(svechina vera got U in japan 1993 ...UTSKUSHI.... facebook made 2004)
My dream
Is a true delight
My escape at night
From a world that's blue
The world we know
Seems so far away
And where we go
Is for us to say
My Dream
Is a wealth of joy
No one can destroy
When I dream my dream
It's no common dream
It's a wondrous dream

1984-2009 = 25  ...
since 1976 svechina vera lived  in that neighbourhood
 {Red sails in the sunset, way out on the sea}
Oh, carry my loved one home safely to me
{She sailed at the dawning, all day I've been blue}
Red sails in the sunset, I'm trusting in you
Swift wings you must borrow
Make straight for the shore
We marry tomorrow
And she goes sailing no more
{Red sails in the sunset, way out on the sea}
Oh, carry my loved one home safely to me
Swift wings you must borrow
Make straight for the shore
We marry tomorrow
And she goes sailing no more
{Red sails in the sunset}
Way out on the sea (ooh-wee-ooh, wee-ooh)
Oh, carry my loved one
{Home safely to me}

25 svechina vera with hercules bellville and veras film in mind..

100 years suntory ....(only you =only svechina vera)

time to NEW svechina vera go to to TV  2009
  Показано Без имени-1.jpg
......"It's Still Rock & Roll to Me" is a hit 1980
 Everybody's talkin' 'bout the new sound
Funny, but it's still rock and roll to me......



AT 19 SVECHINA VERA SIGNED TO GO TO JAPAN.  2009 time to sing for svechina vera and jagger and michael jackson with izakaya also was planed...  1996 JACKSON WAS IN Brazil (svechina vera you got the sent by 1996 it smells.......real perfume......talking about perfume..........

IN MADONNAS SONG IS.. NI KU LIN......if all world likes clown  = people knew that    princess is svechina vera ............






.AFTER PRINCE NARUHITO ALREADY GOT ENGAGEMENT ON SVECHINA VERAS MOTHERS BIRTHDAY. THAT YEAR..= some people  knew..svechina vera is new princess...from ussr.....

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