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svechina vera is not enemy for pigozzi and all that people..rapist pigozzi and mafia are attacking svechina vera, killed svechina veras father, killed svechina veras dog.... and doing crime against svechina vera. rapist pigozzi need to hang himself with hangarian prostitute cservenyak orlova, makarova alexia zhukova abramovich and hangarian father with jail mafia and all mafia prohorov didenko ....that tried to kill svechina vera, killed svechina veras hope likes films 2010 and veras uncle from the childrens cartoon for zhukovas birthday 2010....Svechina vera is looking for help with crime that is going on against svechina vera (apple logo model) and against veras mother is mafia cservenyak and mafia rapist pigozzi and niejelski zhukova.....abramovich... and hangarian have to go to criminal jail and they cant fuck with nederlands... with that broke svechina veras neck....and has to go to jail who organised cservenyak and other criminal mafia on svechina veras time...who ever that is........maris club in sf has to be closed by FBI as they criminal..and makarova is cirminal and hangrain ugly cservenyak is criminal ..svechina vera didnt allowed marijoli.....2008 and didnt allowed pigozzi and greek Olga in veras shirt ted..... who behind the mafia svechina vera dont know. who made mr.. and mss smith from veras photo? 2005? princess maxima and alexia 2005 ..pigozi is rapist 2005 .....alexia is not priincess neither blond or hangreain cservenyak and they all have to go to jail for attempt to kill svechina SF.....down town.......svechina vera dont know that mafai people.... crime is being made by russian speaking and some other criminal mafia from nederlands and who else knows where...(abramovich niejelski pigozzi .....zhukova's prohorovs mafia..some other mafia ....svechina vera dont know who that criminal people are..) ...killed 20 people in veras family and steve 56..year when veras home town was made...

1997...... for svechina vera california 

5 25 stock ton salary! 

for svechina vera planed to meet prince jaime before 2012
get married and have children. prince japan loves svechina vera..
got his name for that.....


mark j. pincus..
Картинки по запросу mark pincus.....about crime attempt to kill svechina vera was known by 2006 (33) 

and that was wite on BLOGGER to get that mafia to the police and to the criminal JAIL....

svechina vera had no idea that there some mafia hoping to kill svcehina vera, svechina veras father, wanted to kill svechina veras mother.......killed steve jobs and hoped that svechina vera would never get married ..whoud not get svechina veras stock....and would not have children......( that all sounds mentally ill...who is that mentally ill person 

who wished to kill svechina vera? same time with steve jobs his 56 year when obninsk (veras hometown) was 



sf nederlands embasy.

premier minister:

Mark Rutte (svechina veras 33 and D S NEY LAND) 

Картинки по запросу mark rutte 

is a Dutch politician who has been the Prime Minister of 

the Netherlands since 14 October 2010..

 now all that crappy nederlands royal family 

with their mafia will go to jail. 

2010 japan

jean pigozzi 


( with svechina vera)


and that is why prince jaime bernardo  was born......
and ..and that is why prince naruhito of japan got engagement on svechina veras mother 1993. 19 january......1994 svechina vera got new country  flag for svechina vera and svechina veras mother....
princess nori in japan is rich after svechina vera....


romanov IN spain ARE BORN 1953 AND 1981 TO MATCH 


 jean pigozzi TO HELP TO SVECHINA VERA:  

since  2002 WITH 


FILM LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI AKA ASOBI buget (pro test apple northern territories)

pro test akihito northern territories ). svechina vera got in japan flag 1994...

Показано Без имени-1.jpg
privale land......

Universal.gif since 1894... svechina vera got in japan 

1993..UTSKUSHI.......Картинки по запросу world trade center.1973... СССР 

занимал 1/5 часть обитаемой суши Земли.....

1 star..svechina vera, apple logo model ....zodiak twin/bull.

...dream works ! (svechina veras 1 hour 10 minutes film works!) 

Показано Без имени-1.jpg.....KATO lik.(apple 

logo made from svechina veras face 1977).....1979

 300 000 $ 2004 AND BOOK 

  Photo: : REED JOBS! (REED JOBS) did steve Картинки по запросу steve jobs jobs red? yes:

 coment: (straght) 


 Картинки по запросу lisa jobs

(20 centry fox) AND GETTING SVECHINA VERAS STOCK in usa as

 friend...of hercules 

bellville (pigozzi's father and mother)  on whos party svechina vera met pigozzi 2002.....2009 

right is honto 
 (film last train from roppongi aka asobi 2009)
 ver tokyo u! I love you! 

last train from roppongi aka asobi film...and book 

and wrong is  homma ..mafia made hamster.......illegally 

.........that mafia hangrain with criminal orlova that killed 

mamontova and niejelski with hangarian aand blond that killed veras father and tried to kill vera.. who else? tried to kill vera svechina.....( as they knew about svechina vera since 1973)

have  to go to crminal jail. svechina vera is not mixing with 

other mafia.....

Картинки по запросу roppongi hillsКартинки по запросу minoru mori 

orlova hangarain and alexia  with mafia killed minoru 

mori......with svechina veras roppongi hills....2003



made out of svechina veras last name.....from veras

  svechina vera petrovna got (1993)  1994 tokyo japan. Cherry 

Blosoom (П)  Princess......(IT)

 Hollywood....STEVE PRINCESS JAPAN.......KANJI....


 for svechina veras mother will be done from 

that photo....mother of 1st  woman NINGEN 

(HUMAN).... timofeev resovskiy was

 kicked out

from IMR..... for them (for Svechina Vera) russia . xime japan......usa.....france....and timofeev resovskiy ( research in radiation genetics, experimental population genetics, and microevolution)...and had to be back to IMR...peace by 2012 Картинки по запросу obama200 years since .Картинки по запросу napoleon in russia napoleon invaded russia..Nikolaj Vladimirovich Timofeev-Resovskij (RussianНиколай Владимирович Тимофеев-Ресовский; September 20 1900, MoscowMarch 28, 1981) was a Soviet biologist. He conducted research in radiation genetics, experimental population genetics, and microevolution. resovskiy killed by hangarian prostitute cservenyak and mafia with criminal jail related  father with mafia...... that got idea to kill svechina veras mother and vera , and veras farther with criminal mafia alexia and maxima from nederlands 2005 are fake...disco mafia is fake hangrian is fake 
and get to nederlands on svechina veras place.

but not only that.....the wanted to fuck up all svechina veras stopping svechina veras film 2004 and getting on 

pigozzi in  ted svechina veras shirt.2003. kill svechina veras relatives and svechina vera. and they have to go to jail as svechina vera didnt alowed to attack world tarde center or svechina vera ......

Картинки по запросу little vera russian mafia and nederland royal family  made crime....and have to go to jail. and pay damage  to svechina vera and svechina veras mother...

svechina vera, as a Mentally HEALTHY HUMAN BEING 


dont want to 

be part of that nederlands bullshit:  that has

 no relation to svechina vera. (original bride of 

prince jaime bernardo named after film 

maker with hercules bellville.) 

that two are with rapist cservenyak  with jailes

 that is not related to anything...just to 


against svechina veras mother and against 

svechina vera and has to go to jail: 

marina really has dark hair....that nataliya and

 rapist saito killed child of gasprom guy.....and

 have to to go to jail. ......they live illegally in 

japan and moscow.
and they have to go to criminal jail. for trying to

 kill svechina vera with jail tyurma of hangarian

 tivor is  that ugly guy job......that not related to svechina vera....hangarian mafia disco wanted to kill svechina vera ( that had no idea what was going on) and all mafia has to go to jail.....

svechina vera related:

  • June 1996: svechina vera in tokyoКартинки по запросу vera svechina 1996

  • 33  1996 svechina vera the BRIDE. pigozzi got panama
  • prince naruhito got engagement on veras mothers birthday.....1993.......child is svechina vera,
apple logo made 1977 from veras face...
invitation to svechina vera to begin new country  2008 2009 

at 35 36...years ....Картинки по запросу vera svechina 1997....Картинки по запросу mata yamamoto film last train from roppongi 1998 .......

  •  Wakashio (svechina vera is youngest in svechina veras family....) Bank is established, and begins operating in September. 

  • against svechina vera illegally :..wojcicki ,hangarian and marina with prostitute child..(all have tno relation to svechina vera) 
  • .and mafia made 2001 attack on world trade center...Картинки по запросу medvedev...wojcicki is not anything important...2000......
makarova and christina and her ugly husband with putin..
prostitute makarova 
 makarova orlova  (AGAINST SVECHINA VERA ..makarova with  jailes against hercules bellville and they killed him... 2009.) and has to go to jail. for attempt to kill svehcina vera with mafia russian speaking..(2009 2010 2011 2012) ..that mafia is with humster illegal.....with prohorov didenko illegally.....we dont need hanrgain prostitute cservenyak and that jail related mafia father......get the fuck out from svechina veras life.

thaty prowstitute wanted to kill veras mother and killed veras father. 
and has to go to jail. queen rania has not related to nari and mafia as tivor that how that prostitute tried to kill svechina vera and hangarian prostitute with criminal father and mother  has to be killed. with what in that ugly hangarian stomak....hangarian killed marina
and  has to go to jail......hangarian is not 

related to apple.....or anything in life of 

svechina vera..not related to svechina veras 

film..and will be killed for attempt to kill 

svechina vera. killed veras father and hangairna need to hang herself and get off svcehina veras life.hangrian and blond wirth mafia was getting on veras place killing veras relatives. and has to be killed. and will be killed. with all mafia that organised fake and criminal wedding of jaime and illegal olympic games. 2014...

russian mafia and hangarian has to be killed.  that is not young get that young prostitute out from veras life: get out from veras life that prostitute with her father and granmother larisa

that olhovskaya has to go to jail.......get off veras life..

that prostitute is not related to svechina vera.....that is from novosibirsk parasha sergey 15 years old fucked and has that what he didnt want:

and that is going to jail for attempt to kill svechina vera that has no relation to sergey or npo tehnologia......

svechina vera dont want to be friends: 

. ... hangarian is not young....that is how they killed veras father olesya helped to kill veras father.....that is hangarian prostitute adn pigozzi rapis and abramovich mafia that treid to kill svechina vera..and have to go to jail...zhukova mafia has nbo relation to svcehina vera and to 33 adn to anything...eclips illegal....svechina vera dont want to be friend

 with zhukova mafia letvinenko killed by 

hangarian and blond disco ..

hercules is here for svechina vera only....

joei......killed joei's mother in sf.....

ok ne ni(twin)( who then? hangrian 

prostitute cservenyak....?) empress love?

mistake is svechina vera? 

? twin? mental hospital  for cservenyak) 

svechina vera

 is not fan of russian olygarhs.

mafia that made 2001 attack on world trade

 center and war in KIEV tried to kill svechina vera

and not related elena svechina vera is with japanese and not with tatars....

gets pragnent asd she has rel;ation to 

hercules bellville and jo mennel..joei? 

that person has no relation.....:that is kgb? 

   svecheina vera with svechina veras mother and brother are not togeter as that is criminal mafia...svechina veras mother and brother are being manipulated and that is not fine......zhukova prohorov abramovich go to jail....with hangarian and blond and all w\ho didnt let prince jaime bernardo to meet svechina that was very important.

and 2005 mafia zhukova is not yong also and tried with hangarian to kill svechina vera and has to go to jail...
 that is also not young and have no relation to svechina vera......and have to be arested for  death of svechina veras relatives 2010. 
that is not related to svechina vera or japan at 

all: that hangarian garbich with russian mafia

....killed hercules bellville. attempt to kill 

svechina vears mother. made by chservenyak...ugly cservenyak is mafia and have to 

 be killed. 

that made to protect rapist pigozzi and has to

 be killed. as father tivor is also rapist....

mistake is hangarian and blond and all who organised that criminal wedding of prostitute from hangary. 

svechina vera didnt allowed. 

makarova elada and disco with hangarian 

killed steve jobs. and has to go to jail. 

(svechina vera never been friends with that group....) 

  hangarian  need to be  killed or in jail 

..hangrian tried to kill svechina vera 2009 

2010 2011 2012

and has to go to jail. with what in hangarian  ugly stomak...need to be killed as again: 2009 -2012 was time for svechina vera to have children. hangarian and mafia tried to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012 and hangarian and mafia  have to go to jail. .that all group has to be killed. opf hanrgain ..they tottally not related to svcehina vera....they used illegal bullshit to try to make svechina vera to comkmit suiside....that is never going to be fine till hanagarian killed anad mafia in jail....

together with criminal wojcicki anne .....

 who after svechina veras peace nobel prize, 

peace svechina veras country 


 wedding and children with prince jaime 

bernardo.... started  new nation.....

 monument of svechina veras 

mother made.. research in radiation genetics, experimental population genetics, and microevolution back to IMR..... wojcicki  could name company 23 and 

me in honor of svechina vera.....1 woman


instead wojcicki and brin and mafia 
didnt invite svechina vera to meet steve and bill gates since 2000 in crimianl mafia there..killed steve jobs ...and participeted in attempt to kill svechina veras mother, father, and svechina vera..killed father and made svechina vera disabled for 5 years and illegally vera moved out from veras apt. in sf 

and have to go to jail. 
putin must be with svechina vera (princess) went mafia way...

and has to go to jail.

criminal putin brothers circle is svechina veras ring and brother hood is a jockas svechina vera is a lady....

tivor chervenyak is criminal, hangarian prostitute and alexia and maxime from fucking cheap mafia argentina is criminal
Картинки по запросу queen rania

queen rania is friend of svechina vera
has no relation to jail and mafia.

that hangarian mafia are not related to svechina vera
never was and cant use svcehina veras mothers rings and make criminal olympic games. on place of legal svechina veras film time with peace nobel prize.

suddenly turned to jail related woman of chervenyak that is fake and born to kill svechina vera
niejelski is there is also jail tivor prostitute Картинки по запросу tivor cservenyakagainst pigozzi.
and all that group has to go to jail.......for crushing air hangarian and disco are not right at all from the start.....they  have to go to jail for organising 2 rapes. +

for attempt to kill svechina vera. that is not interested in hangrian
 or any criminal company.

svechina vera is not related to that angelica that is illegal in japan.......

that is mafia prostitutes and putin...has to go to jail.
as putin is criminal and is not allowed to get in veras home that is private. 
svechina vera dont like mafia putin...... svechina vera didnt need olympics and tivor is illegally used svcehina veras relatives and killed them to get his ugly hangrain with disco with mafai to kill svechina vera and then to get his ugly engagement.... 
and pay damage to svechina vera for illegally made criminal olympics...2014 that was not planed. dasha svetlana and mafia against svechina vera ...mafia is with putin.....

1982 red head svechina vera

dengerous was for Svechina Vera to go to 4 islands.......

that is allert for svechina vera that will be born 


svechina vera is 

new it princess...(empress)

russians can kill svechina vera

with hangarian criminal mafia from

 nederlands......and they tried and they have to

 go to jail. 

The Dyatlov Pass incident generally refers to the mysterious deaths of nine ski hikers in the northern Ural mountains on the night of February 2, 1959. The incident happened on the east shoulder of the mountain Kholat Syakhl (Холат-Сяхыл, a Mansi name, meaning Dead Mountain). The
mountain pass where the incident occurred has since been named Dyatlov Pass (Перевал Дятлова) after the group's leader, Igor Dyatlov (Игорь Дятлов)
The lack of eyewitnesses has inspired much speculation. Soviet investigators simply determined that "a compelling natural force" had caused the deaths. Access to the area was barred for skiers and other adventurers for three years after the incident.The chronology of the incident remains unclear because there were no survivors..really it's very clear as that program is fake...Картинки по запросу pushkin..GOVORYAT TSAREVNA ESTКартинки по запросу pust govoryat for same reason........

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