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svechina vera asking to pay damage to svechina vera and to veras mother : for illegal and criminal use of wedding of svechina veras perents against svechina vera..the only woman from that family....and...from 2005 criminal kgb rapist pigozzi has to go to jail with his cirminal mafia and mafia putin and niejelski orlova abramovich jagger with scott thay made money making illegall olympics 2014 from svechina veras mothers and father wedding to put down svechina vera, there is criminal mafia that has to go to jail with rapist tivor chervenyak and his prostitute and set up criminal mafia viktoriya with russian crimninal prostitute makarova and cuban ugly prostitutes mafia husband that has no relation to svechina vera .and blong nederlands prostitute 2008 that is illegally born 1986 to kill svechina vera..all mafia has to go to jail. for killing father of svechina vera ...that is not nederlands citizen..they trying to fuck up..svechina veras peace nobel prize "PROJECT", svechina veras wedding and svechina veras time to have children.... and against film makers and try to make look better ugly, criminal, illegal and fake hangarian prostitute cservenyak in nederlands and prohorov mafia.....using svechina vera and svechina veras relatives and they killed steve jobs also and made attempt to kill svechina vera and they have to go to jail and pay damage for svechina veras disability for 5 years.....pigozzi and russian mafia next door in antiVes .including posibly jaime bernardo with criminal mafia .anna wintour is against Virkin bringing down sales of Hermes all over the world.......then they tried to kill svechina vera and bringing down sales of "flying strippers"...brazil lost with rosa wife of george and would win with svechina gernamy won! 2014...D cup.......



mari 1996 tokyo  is fan of  svechina vera 1984

 cha cha cha with prince jaime bernardo 

named after film maker.....

  .  если я тебе невеста ты меня побереги
(for BRIDE svechina vera in 1972 was born fiance in nederlands prince japan loves svechina vera)  may 1973 planed olympic in moscow.
svechina vera went to japan 1993.......after jackson 

came to moscow... for svechina vera, tom

 luddy 1 time in life jury in cannes thanks to

 svechina vera, clinton in verkeley (wine

 anetta)  as svechina vera is coming to sf to 

study film 1997 and get svechina veras stock 

as new IT princes..

1993 in tokyo TC pushes svechina vera to have sex.
.HAS TO GO TO JAIL..Image result for princess irene of the netherlands...including for organising pigozzis attempt to pushing vera to have sex... attempt to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012 in sf down town..fucking with svechina veras private life.......not letting vera to get married and have children and not letting svechina vera work in film.....and for death of prince friso...and for manipulating oscars resolts 2009 with camerun......nine october?                  (to 

svechina veras 

mother)  1917 . revolution ?.not for hangarian

 garbich......for sure.....and 

hangarian looser has to go to jail.with his 

looser ugly wife and ugly looser

 victoriya to jail. ......before that ugly hangarian knowing of svcehina vera , bride of prince jaime bernardo and knowing of veras film....and knowing of apple as kgb or some ugly secret service.....that is planing terrorist attack on world trade center 2001 ......against svechina veras mother gives  ugly birth to ugly hanagrian cservenyak nine 1982? cservenyak is against veras mother. and against svechina vera .....and tries to kill svechina vera and kills veras father to become TC and (svechina veras home of 1000 candels?) and that crap is not happeneing ...and cservenyak and his mafia that trying to kill svechina vera has to go to jail.....they killed jackson.......2009

  ugly criminal brainless looser tivor cservenyak is jealous of svechina veras success with film, apple logo, bear that is promoting svechina veras life and film....prince planed: saito 

michael      MALAMA ...hangarian dont

want svechina veras mother to have 

success because of the great bear with 

svechina vera they jealous ugly and criminal  hangarians..........
and whomever are there with and crimninal nederlands royal family....

Thamara Tamara in English.....

 CHERRY BLOSSOM PRINCESS...Её императорское высочество великая княжна
New Empress of  new peaceful country land of 1000 candles located on 4 islands north of 

. ..


1973 1995 
 steve jobs was sticking to the mirrors
of rockfeller home
 apple logo stickers) (part of svechina veras film) 

English-speaking scientists most often use the term "killer whale", although the term "orca" is increasingly used.  Indeed, the genus name Orcinus means "of the kingdom of the dead"....

apple went public with 1 HUMAN WOMAN  svechina veras face 1980 .. 1977...

Первый шведский университет был основан в Упсале в 1477 году logo in america made 1977 , 500 years later  and  svechina veras soviet 33 in 1950 ......
new empress svechina vera will come to american film school .......
tom my toys........merchandize for my film last train from roppongi aka asobi...
now after crime made by putin (putin is not giving a shit

 about russia and the world .....

putin and medvedev are terorists and mafia making 

money illegally from veras mothers wedding against veras 

mother and against svechina vera) against svechina veras 


everywhere in obninsk: obninsk is the best city !

and that is wrong.obninsk is not the best city.......right: OBNINSK you
 are the 1st city!

One stock ton........svechina vera .CHERRY BLOSSOM PRINCESS  born in OBNINSK
stock ton is for svechina vera apple logo model since 1977 
1980.......22 olympics.....2009 svechina 
 vera is 1st.......(woman oscar winning 
director for directing .....and many other 1 st things.......)

svechina veras friends: academy of arts and films in la.......
samba abman (NORTH is Sever.)   sakura empress ver..... VER, ONA. platinum for anetta! Image result for panetta2009 Verona is a city straddling the  Apple did zhe Image result for iphone steve jobs Adige Адидже. in Venetonorthern Italy  Viena  likes SVECHINA VERA..svechina vera likes Viena) 2009 stock.
for svechina vera.....10 billion.....

tim cook will go to jail for attempt to kill svechina vera in sf .......with terrorist russian pigozzis russian mafia hangarian cservenyak illegally, without permission  got in svechina veras home photos  and made of place of  NORTH 1961 (narkotiki...nederlands hangarian mafia)..they mafia.Image result for prince harry.did drugs legal 2008 and tried to kill svechina vera in sf 2009 dec. 2010 2011 2012.
on time for woman svechina vera to  meet boyfriend and get married and have children. and they have to go to jail. criminal jail.......... tried to kill apple logo model.
and they have to go to criminal jail. svechina vera is ministery of affair  of Russia...

Image result for sergey brin

?????????? get to jail brin and wojcicki and all that  russian or whatever mafia they are.....

2009 is right time for svechina veras film....CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 
HAS TO HELP SVECHINA VERA......1980 is the only one olympics that was legal from soviet japanese home of svechina vera "olympic" was svechina veras film only......1 hour 10 minutes.....Last train from roppongi aka asobi....peace nobel prize film..
The International Olympic Committee (IOCThe five Olympic Rings(French: Comité international olympiqueCIO) is a Swiss non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Lausanne, Switzerland, created by Pierre, Baron de Coubertin, on 23 June 1894 with Demetrios Vikelas as its first president. 

Показано Без имени-1.jpg.

1994 svechina vera (CHERRY BLOSSOM (П) PRINCESS) got flag of svechina veras new country.

.......1812 ...

one of the biggest fan of twin zodiak svechina vera is Cris Blackwell.(born 22 June 1937) death of stalin!

 1961 =24 is 1997 and svechina veras crown! 

platinum anetta!   2009..

1st time russian "hostess" of japanese karaoke club
directed film...for signing peace between russia and japan 

VIRKIN MADE for svechina veras film....

Apple Girl "When"

  Vincent Gallo

Somewhere Brown Downtown

  2009 platinum for anetta (for movie maker svechina vera, apple logo model and new IT princess with last train from roppongi aka asobi. film 1 hour 10 and health bill in usa past 2010 ......Svechina Veras house of 1000 candles......

singing in
karaoke: После бала. 1903. BALL

  ..candle and the wind and daniel..(IF PRINCE JAIME WOULD BE a DISENT GUY...) 1973

Misty Blue"' is a song written by Bob 

Montgomery in 1966 .....Montgomery wrote the song for BrendLee;


he recalls: "I wrote 'Misty Blue' in about twenty minutes. It was a gift and it was perfect for Brenda Lee, 

(to leya) 
The first film in the series was originally released on May 25, 1977, as Star Wars, by 20th Century Fox(Apple logo was made from Svechina Veras face 1977) 


(  SVECHINA VERAS relatives from YA (33) ME Princesse  LEE VERA O!)


In 1973 when svechina vera was born, LUCAS 

wrote and directed the 


American japanese russian....

(CHERRY BLOSSOM (П) PRINCESS) prince JAIME became diplomat to help svechina write the document 
about svechina veras ownership of 4 islands....bourbon princess is svechina vera (without problems..princess anetta 2009 ....)  and princess nori nomiya .....great idea for location 
to make film..
princess nori nomiya......and bourbon princess....svechina vera...
o shoukai......( o on sky walker ranch) and SHOW!

 Graff i ti (1973) which won the Golden Globe and garnered five Academy Award nominations. This gave him the clout he needed for his next daring venture. From 1973 to 1974, he began writing the screenplay for Звёздные войны. Эпизод 4: Новая надежда (1977).hopes likes films....veras aunt...


LIKES FILMS......dc (11a..a for 

apple...veras apt. .) and ш (3rooms)

veras apt. and kinder garden 



vera svechina only...a is only one.

svechina vera .

CHA CHA CHA 1984........OBNINSK... dance I....


NEW (since 1997) svechina veras private atartment in sf  and private life in sf...that other people are not invited too.......svechina vera pays rent...... 
5 25 stock ton 403 svechina vera go to edge dinner ........TED.....

steve jobs wants to meet svechina vera.STEVE JOBS LOVES SVECHINA VERA.....

Звать любовь не надо явится незваной

Счастье     расплеснёт вокруг
Он придёт однажды ласковый желанный
Самый настоящий друг

 Если всё не так
Если всё иначе
Если ночь полна цветами


                               Если сон бежит

(last train from roppongi) Если сердце плачет

Плачет благодарными слезами

Показано Без имени-1.jpg.

Если целый мир
Стал для сердца тесен
(lets sign peace between russia and japan 1996..
russian foreing ministery is svechina vera  1988 chik lit! already!)

Если воздух полон песен

Если, расставаясь, ищешь встречи вновь
Значит, ты пришла моя любовь

Если целый мир
Стал для сердца тесен
Если воздух полон песен
Если, расставаясь, ищешь встречи вновь
Значит, ты пришла моя любовь
Значит, ты пришла моя любовь

Image result for laurene powell
why steve jobs, his wife and his son havent met svechina vera in sf? 


PIXAR   ANETTA (4)1986 (solid set and happy svechina vera from Lucky
 "House of 1000 candles" ..chik lit 1988= already 4 islands is svechina veras new country): VERAS MOTHER FATHER VERA AND BROTHER:  FANS FOR SVECHINA VERA.SVECHINA VERA got  stage name anetta since 1993)...5 25 stock ton 
1999 2000........
..403 children.....
40 years old svechina vera in 2013 

ALBERT KAMYU...after attempt to be killed by mafia 

not "friends of svECina vera" MAFIA 
havS to go to jail as they killed steve jobs as well...........

Альбе́р Камю́  Albert Camus  svechina vera in tokyo 1993
 and svechina vera in SF......1996.

Albert Einstein (14 March 1879 – 18 April 

1955) was a German-born theoretical 








Весне навстречу..

ФШопен - Вальс №10 - Фредери́к Франсуа́ Шопе́н (22

 февраля 1810 года)

svechina vera 18 years pink dress.Image result for pink flower tulip On veras 

film 22

 depends steve jobs and  4 islands.....

 russian krasaviza....(ruslana korshunova killed 2008 against svechina vera)


horray horray it's a holy holy day! 
are fans of svechina veras film......

Clod: DEBUT of Svechina Vera , 1 svechina veras film, 
last train from roppongi aka asobi .see! 
Image result for debussy..

monique has brother CLODE. (it's not funny. all who is part of crime against svechina vera will end up in jail. who tried to kill svechina vera in sf?  who made marijoli and all that crap from veras photos? and angelina? . svechina vera didnt make from veras photos on veras time .pigozzis panama 1996  was bought for svechina vera to make film....peace nobel prize film. ) they saw EMPRESS svechina veras breasts. size the svechina veras film....


... svechina veras friends

ALBERT WANTS mountains 

JEALOUS OF AL GOR is JEAN pigozzi  born 1952 BEFORE al  WANTED RAIN. (rain ARU!   ) his father got 

dorain..since 2002svechina veras film  "last train from roppongi aka asobi" with pigozzi shop must be open  first......before pigozzi's shop that made  from veras book illegally 2008 in tokyo.......pigozzi is criminal ...fake people cant get on the way of svechina vera..

"Вальс дождя" Фредерик Шопен (svechina veras)

Waltz of the rain

.anti ves. (important for svechina vera)  svechina veras aunts:...... literature teacher .Image result for FACEBOOK LOGO., akusherka, a ku sher ($) k a (to svechina vera),  .....and director of the factory veras aunts...nani o hoshi? .sakana? 
saka please: aru!  ....

 Winter usually lasts from the beginning of November to the end of April.

Schube  princess tree  will give it's beauty (to the ) ... Ave Maria ....shu ve...

Image result for italy map. new shoe will make film maker svechina vera:


svechina veras mothers wedding....

joli taxi - nice one  taxi....... family......

Показано Без имени-1.jpg...

1987  Таксист Джо (sf 2009 svechina veras book) 

И ча-ча-ча 1984 …(planed) 

prince  jaime and princess svechina vera apple logo model....since 1977......

svechina veras... destiny is stage...

 1967 ..svechina veras aunt anna killed 1983....
. FAITH...disputed islands anettics...
for svechina veras  (CHERRY BLOSSOM PRINCESS well being..... fresh UNION 1993..

for the only BRIDE from that soviet 33 and blackland family: 
svechina vera, written......
.:Image result for naruhito

 (SVECHINA VERA  is NOSE to make perfume for  film "last train from roppongi and
 for svechina veras mother)    

 (svechina veras gate 15 since 1976)IS FRIENDS WITH pigozzi's  FATHER.... to  became veras friend like albert  gor ...pigozzi jean collected (da lay lama) african art: fashion (pigozzi is fan of svechina veras mother and fan of japanese doll rika that made  1967 when svechina veras mother got a man with last name for land of 1000 candles.. pigozzi got panama from veras mothers hat make sure svechina vera doing well...and pigozzi is fan of  new doll Anetta made by Svechina Vera and related 
to svechina veras film .Last train from roppongi aka asobi.......

our krai.....
to  to ....

svechina veras aunt.....director of  factory .....

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