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svechina vera is looking for help to get to jail criminal russian speaking criminal mafia that is have to go to criminal jail. FBI need to get on that criminal mafia..that real crimnal mafia without any relation to svechina vera killed about 20 people in svechina veras family in russia including svechina veras father PETER in 2007 and organised attempt to kill CHERRY BLOSSOM (П) PRINCESS svechina vera in sf 2009 2010 2011 2012. made svechina vera to move out from 5 25 stockton 403 and made svechina vera disabled for 5 years...same mafia killed steve jobs. hoping that svechina vera will not get salary stock from apple, oracle, google, facebook,.microsoft...they also killed svechina vears father, aunt hope likes films , uncles...and many other relatives of svcehina vera dn they have to go to jail. who organised that crime against svechina vera? and against svechina veras mother? knowing that prince in japan got his engagement on veras mothers birthday..1993...for svechia vera to do well in life....but on time of svechina vera criminal mafia dressed like vera svechina went to ted dinner and all over on veras places...svechin vera's time is posibly sold to mafia by mafia.....same mafia tried to kill svechina vera 2009 in down town and they have to go to jail. .

knowing of EMPRESS is SVECHINA VERA...since 1973...
svechina veras place to live.......

 for me please  me is only svechina vera.......

from UNION ROYAL 1993
1984 was made ted: billionairs dinner edge for svechina vera
apple logo model and new IT princess. 
Картинки по запросу швейцария
В письменных источниках Швиц впервые упоминается в 
97 2 г. в качестве свободной крестьянской общины. 

1997 svechina vera, (apple logo model since 1977), zodiak:
THE TWIN CAME TO SF to make film Last train from 
roppongi aka asobi

steve jobs came back to apple.....for svechina vera stock 
ton. 10 billion $ by 2010.......

with svechina vera going to 4 islands:kunashir shikotan iturup and habomai : "king" zherebyonok from DUBROVKA
 child of HORSE CHALKA..cha love to svechina vera. JAPAN CHIK AI...CHAI PLEASE! Картинки по запросу flag china

CHIK A GO.....and PONI 
PRINCESS ONI..(princess female vera)
they are the Princess Svechina Vera.
were made for new svechina veras LITTLE country...
seberian hasky dogs made (sakura xime)
Sea Horse (sakura hime)

was made for svechina vera

 for new svechina veras NEW LITTLE country...peaceful
land of 1000 candles...


1974 nov. I was 1 year and 5 month old . 0bninsk..

1973  october, after NEW IT PRINCESS svechina vera petrovna ..
1 ningen woman was born,  JAPANESE GOVERMENT came to USSR to 

 find out who owes the KURIL ISLANDS? October 1973 meeting between 

Prime Minister Tanaka Kakuei   (Please CROWN FOR NEW Princess  SVECHINA VERA Petrovna 1973 ) 2009 princess anetta!  platinum anetta (crown for svechina vera) usa....RIGHT TIME.2009....peace signing...since 1996 any time....

Japanese embasy in MOSCOW...can call svechina vera any time +7 483934211 .....

1930-1881= 49 

serpuhov building with a clock 
and wako in ginza japan and svechina veras 
mother moved in home 33 in serpuhov 
since 1949.....
when japanese left 4 islands for new 
cherry BLOSSOM (П) princess svechina vera

and Leonid I. Brezhnev, general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, were held in Moscow during the next three years, but the deadlock on the territorial issue continued, and prospects for a settlement dimmed. Moscow began to propose a treaty of friendship and goodwill as an interim step while peace treaty talks were continued. This proposal was firmly rejected by Japan.

 IKE BAN A! 1974 was already fine for svechina vera..the owner ,  to go to the svechina veras 4 islands....."Ikebana" is from the Japanese ikeru ( "keep alive",)    Possible translations include "giving life to flowers" ..5 june nature day.....

Показано Без имени-1.jpg

private land...4 islnds kunashir shikotan habomai and iturup :known as .....Home of 1000 candles...

is .SVECHINA VERAS. (NINE)Картинки по запросу nina takaeva

wedding for svechina vera and prince japan loves svechina vera will make 
emperor akihito
or apple?  

Photo: MADE BY apple logo model t-shirts are on sale....

please paj Svechina VERA EDA MAMA 

made.....from 33 house and blackland 

apple logo as svechina vera is the ONLY  cindarella and that is svechina veras prince of bourbon.....
1993 svechina vera got the engagement  ring in japan....С милым раи в шалаше если милыи аташе  ..
 MILO......svechina vera is the star!
Картинки по запросу nikolay and alexandra empress   nikolay alexandra....... prince jaime bernardo of bourbon parma born to get married to new russian born IT princess svechina vera petrovna with 4 kuril islands .......
1997....svechina vera from former USSR is in usa

  and steve jobs (steve princess japan) got pankreatic cancer and died 2011 as svechina vera since 1997 (pixar anetta) havent met 
steve jobs  till 2010         and havent meet prince jaime bernmardo as criminal mafia planed crime....planed attempt to kill svechina vera
since svechina veras childhood hangarians and other criminals planed crime against svechina vera and made attempt to kill svechina vrea in sf .. and all that hangarian and blond prostitute alexia zhukova mafia has to go to criminal jail. including king alexander....and "LAND OF 1000 candles" and killed romanov in 1918 never will be friends with that ugly and criminal royal family in nederlands. and  for damage done by criminal mafia  to svechina veras life  : charge must be paid to svechina vera and svechina veras mother by king of nederlands......or his mother.......or by princess irene..mother of originaly planed fiance of svechina vera......
1974 svechina vera

svechina vera with dogs.....
Картинки по запросу pikinesКартинки по запросу japanese chin

Svechina Veras film LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI AKA ASOBI  is  Letter to Queen VICTORIYA..1974 .. about veras film: "SIMPLE STORY" K. СОТЕ,
"3 woman" Oltman...
fantasy: in the end of the film woman making womans kommune and man is prohibited there..
Картинки по запросу письмо для королевы виктории
svechina vera is making film test in sf about svechina vera
 ..2009 1 hour 10 minutes film sf...

directed and produced by CHERRY BLOSSOM (П) PRINCESS!..

kan kokolev empresse's nai....:2009  princess anetta ..... "bad woman with  italian cinema"..... "IZAKAYA" duet with director svechina vera and svechina veras film planed since 1987....
same arhitect that made church for new svechina vera
made ZUM....tsarevna UM.....( SMART TSAREVNA) about svechina vera.......(apple logo made from veras face 1977) new IT princess....Russian TSAREVNA..............

За (Please) на рrincess ск о еmpress...graveyard... tamara veras grandmother berried there..... za please princess north kurils (film maker empress) 
oe......oposit is eo.........made for svechina vera........2008....2009..

what happened? who tried to kill svechina vera in SF? 2009 2010 2011 2012? same mafia killed jackson 2009 against svechina vera.. all that mafia have to go to criminal jail...for svechina vera stock ton! since 1997...
1973 SVECHINA VERA is  about svechina vera

1893 VF ASTAPOV trader of lether.......( one of SVECHINA Veras grand grand father born 1894  in DUBROBKA made boots for army generals) gave money to make church for svechina vera near graveyaed where svechina veras grandperents could be SERPUHOV..... 1993 svechina vera got to japan 1994 got new flag for new svechina veras country where boots for man and woman will be needed.....for svechina veras "FLYING STRIPPERS" army.....and Svechina Veras other grand grand father beried on that grave yard....misha BREEV is for "FLYING STRIPPERS" SHAVING CREAM...

svechina veras mother is the teacher. 
svechina vera is the heir.......of that all.... GOTIKA.Готика зародилась в середине XII века на севере Франции, в XIII веке она распространилась на территорию современных Германии, Австрии, Чехии, Испании, Англии...aki to girl....
svechina vera petrovna..mac ver kurils..mac ver krasavitsa...(CHERRY BLOSSOM (П) PRINCESS) (emperor akihito)

......and apple logo made from svechina veras face and apple went public 1980......ZHAN VEREN (french) ..and pigozzi got panama for svechina vera 1996 to make film......

Doris recorded Teacher's Pet on Nov. 1, 1957. 

april 1958...

girl svechina vera born......1973.....

Vera O
1993 svechina vera went to japan..........

prohibited by fashists films: "MOTHER" and "Потомок Чингис ХАНА"
anetta is svechina veras stage name. (documental film "what is your name?" got golden prize on XII moscow film festival : is film made by film makers from cambogia)Картинки по запросу coppola..only with svechina veras film last train from roppongi aka asobi. 
(coppolas grandchild called gia)
1959 wedding of emperor akihito and empress michiko....
moscow film festival started..with 42 (svcehina veras mothers year of birth ) countries..with film "Letyat ZHURAVLI" 
"HOUSE where I live".........
1994 for svechina vera and veras mother: Показано Без имени-1.jpg

Island Kunashir. Kurily Royalty Free Stock Photos

HOUSE of 1000 candles:
Photo: Land of 1000 candles is a new peaceful country located on 4 islands ITURUP, KUNASHIR, SHIKOTAN, HABOMAI. It has very interesting HISTORY. LAND OF 1000 candles is a NEW monarchy where the power of the Empress SVECHINA VERA is unlimited.

Svechina Vera was born in Soviet Union in 1973 with Title CHERRY BLOSSOM PRINCESS on World Environment Day (WED). SVECHINA VERAS birthay is celebrated every year on June 5 to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature.Photo: TRUE COLLORS of SVECHINA VERAS new country "LAND OF 1000 candles".
1976 last woman Картинки по запросу apple logo is svechina vera petrovna 

 it's Высотная метеорологическая мачта (ВММ 31 0) Vera Movie maker ..


 объект ФГВ4 (FRENCH GIRL VERA 4 islands) "НПО "Тайфун" в городе Обнинске Калужской области Российской Федерации.

wine since 1959 made with  "suntory".Картинки по запросу nobutada saji......

film last train from roppongi aka asobi is almost documental..


2003......made from svechina veras jacket...
with tokyo apple store......on time of svechina veras
(apple logo's) 
birth 1973...petr going with us! 
(with svechina vera and svechina veras mother) 
microsoft boat 200 milion$..

record anetta 2009 (USA)  Картинки по запросу panetta DUET IZAKAYA with jackson 
and who killed jackson? who organised to kill jackson to not let svechina vera to sing izakaya? that mafia all have to go to criminal jail..
paul all en and on 4 islands  near each gate sakura.....
planting, anetta 2009 as obama won 2008.......obama....
jane princess first.....about svechina vera, new IT PRINCESS..Картинки по запросу birkin bag was made 1984 for edge dinner.....takai eva......=
stock ton 10 billion stock from microsoft to svechina vera 
for using name of svechina veras voice.....since svechina vera was a child....and had no idea about any of that people...or even about any other countries,..

svechina veras 33 
went to disneyland 
and blackland.....33 IS PRIVATE HOME.....1933  EMPEROR AKIHITO of Japan WAS BORN..and he is alive now......

mini (me twin!zodiak IS ONLY SVCHINA VERA CHERRY BLOSSOM PRINCESS)  was first drawn  in 1928, as was Mickey Mouse. 1922 +33.....Картинки по запросу flag cccp
 walt disney born 1901 ......
 Walt Disney 1946.JPG1901 same year as anastasia romanov..FORTH Princess was born..
already was known that in Russia will be revolution 1917 and
1973 will be born new empress in russia. princess for 4 islands kunashir shikotan habomai and iturup... Svechina Vera Petrovna
new I T princess.. 1993 svechina vera Bride is IOSIF V STALIN    elithabeth petrovna:.all 70 years time of USSR was preporation for inaguration of svechina vera by 2012..

 for the THRONE in her, new empress's, new country....svechina vera go to edge dinner 1999 2000......
Показано Без имени-1.jpg
made by walt disney twin zodiak svechina vera is mini and and 

miki is one..person.....Картинки по запросу apple logosame as apple logo....: 
svechina vera TWIN ZODIAK.....the star...
is peaceful.......nezumi ..  1993 svechina vera 

got U from I love You.. AI AND?...


EN! (en is japanese:great destiny) Картинки по запросу ed catmull ] Картинки по запросу tom luddy since 1998 
 ver tickets you......(presents anetta) to film last train from roppongi ....Картинки по запросу august coppola       o bust coppola....August Floyd Coppola (February 16, 1934 – October 27, 2009    )Картинки по запросу coppola       mr. fansis coppola is  responsible for svechina vera having babies..with prince jaime bernardo of bourbon parma...carmine coppola (car to MINI)

 car to svechina vera porshe! as an exuse for rapist hangrarian cservenyak with porshe tokyo 1993 that hangrain will go to jail. 

= svechina vera was famous way before perents of coppla were famous.....2009 svechin vera, at 35  must of been getting porshe present. porshe with anetta against horrible ugly criminal guys.....
...1997 and 1998 svechina vera met make film last train from roppongi aka asobi.

helping  coppola  for svechina vera to have babies..with prince jaime bernardo of bourbon his friend pigozzi with panama 1996 from svechina veras mothers hat and svechina veras friend toru 
matsushima the CHINESE FRIENCH  cook from ki hachi japan... 

matsushima san will not poison svechina veras food.

pigozzi illegally without svechina vera got on svechina veras address and time....tried to kill svechina vera with hangarian prostitute cservenyak and russian criminal mafia ..........
but with out svechina vera there is no pigozzi's brand...

  AMASONE EXPRESS 1966 and svechina 
veras birthday JUNE 5..1973....(WED)..about saving the nature ...pigozzi's project......

pigozzi has no relation to veras family grave yard......2008
and has to pay damage to svechina vera and veras mother....
mafia made that crime on svechina veras only  time with jean pigozzi:

from Disney Characters to SVECHINA VERA.
they dont like ed catmul...

private land and steve princess japan is the one svechina vera

one stock ton! salary since 1977 for being apple logo. ceo of apple ..
svechina vera go to edge dinner 1999 2000.....

reed jobs is only for 1 book of svechina vera

1st film making expirience:

Картинки по запросу hollywood
stock ton!!!!!!!
Картинки по запросу zuckerberg
stock ton...: for use of svechina veras photo logo =oracle..
Имеет подразделения более чем в 145 странах. 10 billion stock $
won o! 
must of been produced with directed and produced by svechina vera film.......1997 2009 time :

then from former ussr 

mila yo vovich !
that is not related to svechina vera, but wants relation? 
and if svechina vera attacked by that ukranian mafia ...that ugly ukranine prostitute will go to criminal jail. 

yo vovich ! is black "hello" to svechina veras
grandfather volodya .FROM HOME 33 IN SERPUHOV.that is disneyland restourant now! ....that is how mila with her mother went to thank to svechina vera for the rest of their life.......FOR BARACK OBAMAS TIME TO HAVE FAN WITH SVECHINA VERA 2009 2012..
svechina vera is 1 BLACK PRINCESS.

..peace! .

svechina veras fans: 

dreaming of white chrismas is dreaming of Svechina Veras wedding...

robert janoff.....going to the land of 1000 candles..

got to the land of 1000 candles :cool ver, to make city..

it's not about putin.putin has no bussness to do in HOLLYWOOD. he has to work in russia.... apple logo model is not anastasia and who ever made it like it's anastasia after svechina vera came back from cannes 1999..they killed they tried to separate s was tea ka (1) that is made for 1973 born svechina vera only...for only one woman svechina vera..and killed steve and other people and they have to go to jail. hanrgain is criminal, with trully criminal mafia  and has to go to jail. better be killed as they killed malasian plane...they killed povorot ti...change 2008 is svechina veras film...cha cha cha: meeting of prince jaime for 2008 2009 .

            ... vera svechina  and prince jaime1984 dancing.....that anastasia made only because they wanted to kill steve jobs and svechina vera and they have to go to jail. as that is not "THE PLAN" . (STEVE PRINCESS JAPAN ABOUT SVECHINA VERA) 

since 1939  since coppla born ..planed mr.smith goes to washington...(to meet svechina vera)
franc CUP Princess APPLE....TO DD....

coppola must fight for svcehina vera and kill hangarian  criminal father cservenyak, her mother prostitute  and hangrain ugly cservenyak that born to kill what coppola born to love: svechina vera
and veras family......inculding telluride family: hangrain mafia made diabetis to tom luddy........tom luddy is not disputed islands....from vears photos...he is about svechina veras breasts and prince jaime the bra........

to make that not happening putin invited coppola to kremlin and putin is with cirminal hangrain prostitutes cservenyak.....they pay money to get to svechina veras place.

1994 SMITH COMES TO OBNINSK to meet svechina vera and bring svechina vera to USA to SF to see academy of art college...
film school..


"mafia" got putin there on time of new  svechina veras film planed since 1929 in usa (academy of art sf ) ..

they had no righ to do that:

fantasy from other old film:

"цру убивает всех участников секретного проекта" 
and mafia including  fake and criminal hangairian cservenyak (all cservenyaks family)  for killing inocent svechina veras reltaives and inocent people related to svechina veras new film.... all mafia have to go to criminal fucking ugly cservenyak is not on the place and illegally got to nederlands
without any relation to svcehina veras life and film project
mafia has to kill prostitute hangarian cservenyak and make that hangarian to leave alone svechina veras life.....hangriean need to go to grave....and her mother and father and that has to be done...

that is not with svcehina veras project: that organised rapes of svechina vera: and will be killed:  as not invited to serpuhovs life of svcehina vera and in any place in life of svechina vera

cservenyak got there by organising rape....putins and medvedevs prostitutes mafia:. svechina veras home is not part of that ugly criminal wedding of hanrgain prostitute Картинки по запросу prince jaime weddingand putins medvedevs mafia hangrain prostitute is not svechina vera: 
...and hopefully hangarian criminal and not princess goes to jail......and afraiding of  that  hangairna prostitute and mafia tried to kill svechina vera.....and will be  killed no metter if svechina vera will ever meet jaime or not.

killed for killing peaceful and not related to crimes relatives of vera svechina that mafia cservenyak killed.  that narskaya ugly criminal cservenyak with tivor: jail relation criminal utgly hangarian mafai9 father turned to jailed and tried to kill svechina vera 2009 with jail relation russian mafia and chservenyak and what in chservenyaks if there anything stomak will be killed. 
by svechina veras friends........promise.

and if there anything in that ugly hangarian kgb stomak that has to be killed for crimes. ugly fucking nederlands have no right to get in apt. of svechina vera to see photos......
and damage has to be paid to svechina vera by ......hangarian is fake and for each veras legal relative that prostitute hangarian and mafia killed....biatrics will pay to svechina vera
after hangrian fake and ugly cservenyak will be killed. 
as peace time  criminal.

(princess  maxima is criminal and got her place as a "queen" only because of svechina vera...hating that maxima made crime against svechina vera(attempt to kill........and has to be going to jail .....niejeski is not princess......
 2005 niejeskiy is fake and criminal and has no relation to WED 1973 and to svechina vera and to amasone express of pigozzi  or to svechina veras film and has to go to jail for killing mori minoru in japan..alexia made mistake 2009 killed people and has to go to jail.....)..or whomever made against svechina vera:  war in ukraine and killed hercules bellville 
and is illegally made together with cheap criminal olympics 2014   changing svechina veras dress on ukranin woman agter svechina vera went to cannes 1999..who got right svechina veras red dress on ukranian woman? 
that has no relation to svechina vera

making war in ukrane and hangarian bullshit in nederlands...
and orlovas bullshit..Картинки по запросу robsky oksana casual robski bullshit..Картинки по запросу robsky oksana casual..    mafia made on time of svechina veras. and they are wrong...elithabeth petrovna is not's very serious.....they are not sakura but they sucking from svcehina vera and creating bullshit in the cuture..zhukova from "same" bullshit ...orlovas bullshit in america 2009 is putin bullshit and medvedevs bullshit.. that is not real  (священная воина) war: that is bullshit war..
criminal mafia war:and hangarian ansd mafia behind jaimes wedding has to go to jail.

that prostitutes are with rapist cservenyak against svechina vera
since 1993: 

they killed marina mamontova for hangrain prostitute cservenyak:
and used to make that: 
. and yo vovich ...diferent VLADIMIR....right is svechina veras grandfather...and "putin" that didnt gave vera money for film  co production 
2004 in russia .Картинки по запросу coppola 

invited coppola who stole veras 2003 film time in japan...for his child...coppola went  to cremlin 2005 as a "friend" instead of telling him he must get bussy with svechina vera ....and now they doing ebol epedimy killing people...and they ..... with criminal mafia killed GREAT ROBIN WILLIAMS.. against svechina vera = wrong and  criminal people
that killed robin williams    Картинки по запросу robin williams...right was 

svechina veraПостер фильма and russian song katyusha....and it's about svechina vera making
 film ....last train from roppongi aka

asobi..that takes place in KARAOKE...BAR...svechina vera in SF since ment to be hit!......
and after may 2009 mafia  tried to kill svechina vera attacking svechina vera at svechina veras apt.  5 25 stockton 2009 2010 2011 2012  making it without telling svechina vera into 52 5 stockton for year of birth of pigozzi....jean..and robert janoff and same jail related criminal russian speaking jail related hangarian or whatever mafia with fake gazprom.. on place of svechina veras perfume. that how they killed steve jobs..mid is svechina vera Image..steve princess japan...(about svechina vera)..medvedev  did  again already made in 1988 little vera

sergey lavrov Картинки по запросу sergey lavrovКартинки по запросу sergey brin sergey brin made 30 billion and google owes svechina vera 10 billion stock...not letting work to svcehina vera with svechina veras project illegally ..killed veras reltaives.....torchuring veras mother ......killed father ...sitting on veras apt.  with that stupid asholls....

and little vera ( in life svechina vera petrovna (san francisco, tokyo, .......)  did new last train from roppongi aka asobi and cant find any help since 1998.VPS PRODUCTIONS is independent film company.vere sha gin (gold to make film)  born 1952....Картинки по запросу sergey selyanovdont want to co produce veras film.neither putin or anyone else.= we are not together.....and they have to go to criminal jail. . svechina vera is not together with anyone who made all that crimes behind veras back...and that mafia attacked svechina vera in sf  nad tried to kill svechina veras mother that is born in january. killed veras relatvies 2010. and made svechina vera move out from svechina veras apt. near veras one stock sf  against svechina veras will...
mafia knew: svechina vera was born 1973 and tanaka kakuey came to ussr....
disputed islands and svechina vera....
nine....1976 svechina vera...1993 apple logo made from veras face....1977...culver to make city on 4 islands since 1952...and they: that hangarian and all toylet peper mafia  have to go to criminal jail..carmine coppola is famous after svechina vera
porshe to svechina vera 2009 is against rapist hangarian chervenyak
1993 and his ugly prostitute hangarian that went to kgb sucking request to nenederlands to kill svechina vera: old KGB mafia
and against princess ireneДеликатный визит: с чем Меркель летит в Киев? svechina vera with 4 islands
made verka serducka........for svechina vera the earth (land of 4 islands ) is not eanough...(a jock)too small..with svechina veras film....last train from roppongi aka asobi.....(svechina vera got in japan 1993 UTSKUSHI. svechina vera has no relation to any mafia and never had)

larry el li son? el 4 od.....valera from 33....and podkidish with anetta

(with svechina vera only)
mafia after vera (steve princess japan) paid veras money and  after vera svechina went to cannes 1999 and met hercules bellville (with bernardo bertolucci right people for svechina vera and prince jaime bernardo who independent svechina vera planed to meet, but didnt know about that)........mafia made war in ukrane.....and ugly mentally ill criminal hangarian cservenyak that has no relation to svechina vera or hercules bellville.....
paid to someone to kill svechina vera......
made illegal war in ukrane , killed svechina veras relatives, tried to kill svechina vera, damaged veras face and body, made svechina vera disabled....for 5 years....killed hercules bellville.... and verka serduchka? andrey danilko is an idiot.......

IT's cold weather on 4 islands....VERKELEY! (WINE) ORDER since NICOLAY II....EMPEROR OF RUSSIA. 1868. all people already knew that New IT PRINCESS SVECHINA VERA PETROVNA will be born in 1973 IN SOVIET UNION as new empress for 4 islands Kunashir SHIKOTAN HABOMAI AND ITURUP. 1868 - 1899 (SANTORY WAS MADE)=31. AT 31 (2004) svechina vera began to make film and 31 is code of.....Net her lands! where for svechina vera was born 1972  prince japan loves svechina vera.
Картинки по запросу verka serduchka
and princess irene should of been said sorry 
and make things right. pay damage to svechina vera and veras mother for crime nederlands already made against peaceful svechina vera
and peaceful svechina veras country "LAND OF 1000 candles".
Photo: Land of 1000 candles is a new peaceful country located on 4 islands ITURUP, KUNASHIR, SHIKOTAN, HABOMAI. It has very interesting HISTORY. LAND OF 1000 candles is a NEW monarchy where the power of the Empress SVECHINA VERA is unlimited.

Svechina Vera was born in Soviet Union in 1973 with Title CHERRY BLOSSOM PRINCESS on World Environment Day (WED). SVECHINA VERAS birthay is celebrated every year on June 5 to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature.Photo: TRUE COLLORS of SVECHINA VERAS new country "LAND OF 1000 candles".

that isue can be taken to the cort: nederlands lost the case..Картинки по запросу mark rutte.svechina veras time in ted dinner for getting svechina veras stock and making film and book was since 1999.....2000......mafia went on svechina veras place......
japanese respect the law and age against medvedevs and putins mafia:
and KGB would be good from then on.....

на чужои караваи рот не разеваи
and have to go to jail all organisers of prince jaimes crimnal wedding to ugly hangarian prostitute cservenyak,,,.

but they instead made attempt to kill svechina vera , brock svechina veras neck.....(STEVE PRINCESS JAPAN) and now police and CIA have to kill hangarin prostitute cservenyak as cservenyak is dengerous for life of svechina vera and fake is cservenyak ...and her father and mother and get to jail  for killed friso the prince and killed father of prince jaime bernardo...and all mafia that organised things against inocent svechina vera,
and against  veras family in russia and against veras film related friends such as hercules bellville. as svechina veras film is against broken hearts..that is for svechina veras wedding...svechina vera is with DISNEY..... IT'S SVECHINA VERAS PARTY!
ugly hangarian mafia they have to get off that monument of steve jobs made as herasment  in hangary by people who hate steve jobs such as ugly cservenyak and her mafia that steve jobs and svechina vera are not related too.....neither ugoly mafia related to apple......made in time when mafia was killing apple logo model svechina vera and steve jobs was dying in sf...

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