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2008 part of film last train from roppongi, by svechina vera made flying strippers; against brown hair girl in svechina veras dress ruslana korshunovas killings in ny:

if everybody had an ocean
Across the U.S.A.
Then everybody'd be surfing
Like California
You'd see 'em wearin' their baggies
Huarache sandals, too
A bushy, bushy blond hairdo
Surfin' U.S.A.

We'll all be planning that route
We're gonna take real soon
We're waxing down our surfboards
We can't wait for June (1973 when Svechina Vera will be born) 
We'll all be gone for the summer

We're on surfari to stay
Tell the teacher (to svechina veras mother) we're surfin'

Photo: LAND OF 1000 CANDLES  is about the film LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI AKA ASOBI, book LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI (FACEBOOK) .....and about the rail rode that is planed to be made from HOKAIDO to 2012.
Surfin' U. S. A.


steve princess japan......(CHERRY BLOSSOM (П)PRINCESS SVECHINA VERA)

who got all that fake mafia people to get in svechina veras life?

who tried to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012 in SF? they have to go to jail with their jail criminal mafia things.....Картинки по запросу джонатан айв

hangarian and blond 2008 has to go to criminal tried to kill svechina vera in sf
with rusasian mafia that is  not related to svechina vera...they hoped to kill svechina vera before svechina vera can get stock from apple and facebook and other firms that owe svechina vera money.

that is svechina veras fiance..since 1972 ...need to pay damage to svechina vera.............

svechina vera dont know prince jaime, never meet him
and has no personal relation to him..= he and criminal mafia of his can't get in svechina veras life
 without asking svechina vera..........

has to pay to get apartment in sf for svechina vera as svechina vera was bit up in the 5 25 stockton  sf ca 94108 (pigozzi and alexia and maxima turned it to 52 5 illegally to kill svechina vera) and vera moved out illegally....without planing to move out...and what got in hangarian stomak or now out of that ugly stomak has to be killed as from 2009 it was time for svechina vera to get married and have children.

meet: they killed mamontova.........(that hangarian prostitute)

camus......s uma cerpuhov.....1942 svechina veras mother was born

svechina vera was born 1973.

fucking ugly hangarian tried to kill svechina vera

killed versa father, dog and fucking with svechina vera with ugly didenko and bullshit?

= all mafia that created criminal killing of svechina versa family members...organized negative bullshit against svechina vera

Bride of prince Jaime............who they knewabout and svechina vera didn't know.....svechina vera is 41 years

garbish still going on and all that mafia has to go to criminal jail.

1960 naruhito from japan and 1973 svechina vera =13....1+3=4

svechina versa 4 islands..svechina vera making film....

mafia getting bulding 13 (building 13 is not related to 33,blackland svechina vera....veras relatives) across veras gate obninsk and gets blond prostitutes to not let svechina vera to live svechina versa life...all organisers of crime against svechina vera have to go to criminal jail and get death centence as terrorists in new York 2001

they tried to say killing 184 (edge dinner made for svechina vera in usa 1984) in pentagon 2001 that svechina vera is fake and hangarian prostitute is real and they tried to kill svechina vera in sf 2009 2010 2011 2012.....and really it's hangarian fake and what mafia got in her stomak and all organisers of that criminal wedding have to go to jail......

malazian plane mafia related people dont want to talk about on tv that they shot ....hangrian rapist chservenyak1993  , rapist pigozzi 2005 related to nederlands , fuck yoga....about fucking ny 2005 from verkeley? after 2002 meeting jean pigozzi made against svechina vera ... ugly hangarian kgb cservenyak and blond mafia with jaime 2008 illegally made with hope to kill svechina vera 2009 in sf..before hangarian prostitute cservenyak got engagement to already with engagement to svechina vera jaime. (svechina vera didnt know).hangarian is with russian and other mafia knew of prince jaimes BRIDE svechina vera and knew  how to kill svechina vera...and all that criminal group of fake and criminal jaimes wedding that made disabled svechina vera for 5 years ...has to get death centence.......svechina vera didnt allowed to get in svechina veras life and kill svechina veras relatives

there no autority above svechina vera ....

since ealrier then 1940 was known, that New IT COUNTRY 

"Land of 1000 candles" 


is made for twin zodiak born in 1973 

Svechina Vera Petrovna. CHERRY BLOSSOM (П) Princess.

world was 2 was made ....killed 20 million of people 1941 

1945 in CCCP

to get 4 islands for Svechina Vera.

future  face of SILICONE VALLEY.

last train from roppongi aka asobi .......american fans for 

svechina vera: since 1997 new svechina vera gets stock.....

made a Памятник in New York for Svechina Vera....

not to forget how many people already was killed.......

during 1941 1945.....
"you" and "me" is svechina vera twin zodiak.....woman...

sakura way.......only for very special cherry blossom (П) princess SVECHINA VERA PETROVNA!

Из грязи в князи!

only IT
Disneyland lucky  1917 got svechina veras grandmothers and mothers 33 japanese related number of home... d ot vod...brests size....(1 woman ningen) = svechina vera born 1973
with 4 islands.....and japanese government came 1973 october to soviet find 

out who ows the 4 islands? where is movie maker , Картинки по запросу flag of chinachinese empress svechina vera? 

   private 33.grandfather and grandmother of svechina vera worked and  paid money to buy  33 home in SERPUHOV USSR....... land 2008 2009..
in the secret town of OBNINSK..1973....

in japan..
The Chūgoku region (中国地方 Chūgoku-chihō?), also known as the San'in-San'yō region (山陰山陽地方 San'in san'yō-chihō?), is the westernmost region of Honshū, the largest island of Japan. It consists of the prefectures of Hiroshima.It is best known as the first city in history to be targeted by a nuclear weapon when the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) dropped an atomic bomb on it at 8:15 a.m. on forever 33 , 1945, near the end of World War II........

daughter of kakuei   (platinum crown for svechina vera please) tanaka is still japan... finally 2009 america and japan came together
princess anetta (svechina vera moviemaker war  two....twin..... ) stock for svechina vera collected since 1977....

Makiko Tanaka - Yukio Hatoyama To Be Elected As Japan's New Prime Minister

pre production.....

last train from roppongi aka asobi to land of 1000 candles.... sorry, dai ji N. (svechina veras mother ninas number of home 33 in soviet union

cho dai!

...33 went to disneyland 1967.......for Svechina Veras future! 

sorry, daiji north (4 islands) and svechina vera got 

flag at 20 years old in 1994 in japan. for 2012....with that everything else would foll on the right place if people doing what they "promised" to do....

svechina veras is with Жостово from  tamara rezvyakova (home 33 since 1948) ..that why tamara changed year of birth from 1922 to's on the grave in serpuhov...жестово from 1920 after revolution:
Возникновение жостовского расписного подноса связывается с фамилией братьев Вишняковых.

the number 1 important BRIDE is Svechina Vera Petrovna born in OBNINSK SOVIET UNION.
THE PRINCESS OF LOVE ...= happy end!

fans of Svechina VERA. s was ti ka ....all swastika 1973 svechina veras. 

svechina vera is with 4 islands......


emperor akihito became emperor of Japan
and empress michiko became empress of JAPAN

fiances for svechina vera.Картинки по запросу akihito and michikoprince jaime bernardo
 and prince harry both are not kings in their countries.....

prince henry

 they had to find way to let svechina vera know........
    = svechina vera is RUSSIAN NEDERLANDS Юлиана human made from where? nederlands from monkey juliana queen  (SVECHINA VERA 1st  woman ningen human made by  GOD and became face of silicon valley in usa)  ..........
 and that is how prince jaime (JAPAN LOVES SVECHINA VERA) became svechina veras fiance 1972. electronik made in ussr.

sandra OH..korean   ningen male (veras brother) turned from monkey into monkey 1968 and svechina vera only is from GOD and the heir of human line.... (MONEY 

simbol....STOCK  made to celebrate svechina vera..made  from GOD and became GOD....svechina veras mother gave birth to the land (svechina vera) and svechina vera  to get birth to the land..(heir) for that from svechina vera made apple logo and next is also svechina vera (heir)


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