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Pixar's john Lasseter scouted producer/director svechina vera 1989 1990 in ussr ....for film last train from roppongi aka asobi .....svechina vera is looking for help to find out who is trying to kill svechina vera..since 2009 in sf......against steve jobs they made attempt to kill svechina vera killed veras relatvies and killed steve jobs. on time for svechina vera to get stock and get married .....2005 svechina vera was 35 and 36....years old..

some mafia got on  nikita ogange shirt  after svechina veras film at 31 was russia to make illegal illegally money in sochi and to kill svechina veras family.
william gates is with (stock for svechina vera) new Cherry Blossom princess svechina vera, and svechina veras new IT country and has no relation to england or nederlands...

Image result for bill gates

Времена ГОДА .. 4 islands are 4 woman......

bull...year born svechina vera.....Картинки по запросу platinum tiara with platinum.Картинки по запросу svechina vera 1997Ima anata wo sagashiteiru yoВидео по запросу nemurenu omoi
 prince jaime (prince japan loves svechina vera is looking for svechina vera)..he born for that.meeting with svechina vera. to get married to svechina vera he born .by his mother and father......

ceo is svechina vera :vps productions  sf ( friend with santory 

since 1959 peace..and friend to steve jobs (steve princess japan) and reed jobs. apple owes svechina vera money stock.....

GEO – ведущий европейский научно-популярный журнал об окружающем мире, основанный в 1976 году в Германии. Его базовые темы – путешествия, наука, экология, фотография, основной жанр – репортаж. 

gund is with toylet paper..made by criminal mafia 

that is not svechina veras FRIENDS:

after svechina vera went to film schol and earlier :
mafia with rapist:and russian illegal mafia :

that is mafia: that is not a that is mafia
has no relation to svechina vera

2000 from didenko and from norway illegal russian prostitutes 

not from friends of svechina vera

... kill that angelica and mafia with that mafia and kill her perents: that is why made terrorists attackes in 1999..Картинки по запросу putinkashira ...that prostitutes with putin mafia 
Vera knows where that prostitutes live: that is not veras child:  

that angelika lives in japan..alexia pigozzi knows, where alexia can be arested.Картинки по запросу zhukova darya zhukova is mafia ..has no relation to svechina vera and has to go to jail. ... (nelli with kabzon russian mafia is not faceof apple
and is not face of anything....only ugly and criminal....)

1963. FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE.....Svechina Vera is from made for Svechina 


 Prince Jaime (JAPAN LOVES SVECHINA VERA) Bernardo of Bourbon-Parma, Count of Bardi, Duke of San Jaime born ...for svechina vera...that will be born 1973

prostitutes that are not related and born to kill steve jobs:

1963 powell born .against svechina vera and steve jobs and apple logo and against svechina veras wedding to prince in nederlands. against disney....all jealous mafia...and stupid powell as crime could be prevented :svechina vera lived in sf since 1997...mafia got stupid powell  to steve...
he was stupid.....and that ugly powell killed him.

and of course dont want to talk to svechina vera who they with mafia not related to real apple project wanted to kill in sf.

and that is not funny......

russian makarova friend of hangarian jail related mafia has no relation to true american apple project of 1976 to save svechina veras life.....
and is against svechina vera as makarova is law class ..worker in the garbich can in russia woman.......mafia using that women to kill svechina vera that has no relation to that women outside of 1 hour 10 minutes film..... .

really angelica and tanya sandra was born and hired
to go to japan 
as Production assistans for svechina veras film......last train from roppongi aka asobi.......

mafia made from that people mafia: 
Картинки по запросу laurene jobs and steveon very special 

for svechina vera time.SVECHINA VERA IS THE MOST IMPORTANT BRIDE in the world !  apple logo model since 1977   NORTH BEACH SF

 is done... as SVECHINA VERA Petrovna ,   (the inspiration for   Charles Perrault Картинки по запросу pero of peacock (from SERPUHOV) born 12 января 1628, candle princess) is 


getting married to the prince jaime...(that was planed)
Картинки по запросу prince charles
prince charles named in 1948 after   Charles Perrault for svechina veras

 wedding.....33 is private home of relatives of svechina vera

since 1948......heir and bride is only one svechina vera...

cherry blossom princess...steve princess japan....

is why coppola got office in sf ..... and mafia got with the wrong and fake a against IT.....that cut of liver of steve. and with jail mafia hangarian tried to kill svechina vera in sf 2009 2010 2011 2012 ..orlova marina and mafia from russia or who? they are? ...please call fbi get to jail wojcicki in veras shirt 1999.Картинки по запросу wojcicki..russian mafia zhukova in la.....wojcicki ..

against svechina vera to kill svechina veras family and steve jobs that is how RUSSIAN BRIN GOT HIS JOB IN GOOGLE 

to get in the apple logo svechina veras spot.
here they are on expence of svechina vera
and have to go to jail......

 they all there on expence of svechina vera?
have to be going to jail......svechina vera dont want wojcicki and other mafia in life of svcehina vera
that is fare.........

mafia with putin and hangarian wojcicki is not nice........

they had to kill to get somewhere .
.they have to go to criminal jail..
Картинки по запросу wojcickiКартинки по запросу большая стиркаКартинки по запросу большая стиркаПусть Говорят logo.jpgwith veras card stolen,as ugly brin is putis sucking dick ,,brin....russian mafia..svechina vera didnt allowed

and they tried to kill svechina vera and veras mother to make 0 people in veras 160...160 0?
and have to go to  criminal jail.

really coppola roman is princess  candle : svechina vera only:
lucky 21 svechina vera came to see academy of art..

apple and steve princess japan... Pixar's john  Lasseter scouted producer/director svechina vera 1989 1990 in ussr ....planed to meet branston as only svechina vera is a virgin........

hime princess and svechina veras face on 100$ and 100 euro...

tish college of coppola is made fucking not needed to anyone but criminal mafia  didenko 2000 in veras shirt to still from veras apartment veras photos and didenko has to go to jail or be killed.
as didenko is mafia related....gorkogo 21
is not svechina veras related..that is with terrorists and hangairan prostitute cservenyak.svechina vera is not paying for hangarian jail mafia and they have to be killed.

illegally :to kill steve jobs....
not to pay svechina veras 10 billion + to svechina vera,
to get hangarian prostitute on veras place fuck up cindarela 
and to kill svechina vera with 33 in disney 
and to kill veras relatives 
svechina vera is tokubetsu.....северные курилы

mafia got many fake people against svechina veras mother and all kill svechina vera and steve jobs and other people......
and they have to go to jail. all criminal group to jail: 

they killed princess diana and tried to kill svechina vera
killed veras relatvies......killed jackson michael....
and have to go to jail.. that is illegally made film. from veras photo
svetlanas are fake.....all ugly hangarians cservenyak her mother and jail related mafia father, with ugly what they got inside of hangarian on time for VERY IMPORTANT PRINCESS, IT PRINCESS and apple logo model svechina vera to have children since 2009  .hangarian have to be killed. for .hangarian is  illegal and criminal  and  attacked to kill 
svechina vera in sf illegally....svechina vera dont know this people
svechina vera is not suppost to be in that 
situation with russian hangarian mafia at all:

ugly criminal cheap prostitute cservenayk paid money fucking ugly hangarian to some mafia in soviet kill BRIDE OF PRINCE JAIME svechina vera to get on veras place after that killing.........and hangarian has to be killed. or jailed for life........

as svechina vera dont want to be part of that: crime against svechina veras family..agianst russia, against all 15 republic of former ussr, against usa and against all kill svechina vera and have to go to criminal jail. pay for illegal olympic 2014 
that are made against svechina vera....tried to kill svechina veras mother ...what in hangarina stomak or out of it has to be killed. 

hangarian prostitute cservenyak :if wants to get on veras place
has to suck veras ass and dicks of all guys vera want her to suck.....suck veras fit veras sit and drink veras pee......all her life. hangairan instead tried to kill svechina vera with mafia and has to go to jail., 
svechina vera is not allowed to hangarian prostitute cservenyak get on veras place and kill veras relatives.we are not friends with blond of any fake mafia ....

svechina vera only for death centence to hangarian and all that mafia.
 .fake  hangarian, friend of fake makarova  tried to kill svechina veras mother in russia OBNINSK..that made in apt. and insult (russian) in the head of veras mother of 70 years old... after attempt to kill svcehina vera and has to be killed as mad crazy criminal bitch.......hangarian is not princess...neither was blond 2008 Картинки по запросу prince jaime 2008svechina vera is not part of that criminal people... killed veras father 2007 .., killed veras dog 1999 . have to go for life to criminal jail...or be killed with father and mother that gave girth to that blond prostitute knowing of svechina vera.....and get off svechina veras family life....
police will know all that crime 
 and japanese russian HOPE LIKES FILMS.....
. steve princess japan (about film maker svechina vera) 

has to go to jail tim cook now......
hangairian, makarova and all mafia and zhukova with mafia has to hang = hang yourself...hangarian has to die...for what they have done.....svechina veras home is not house of orange 
and svechina vera is born with  engagement to prince jaime but not married and he is not veras duke....

hangarian born by mafia kgb  against svechina veras mother 1982 , made attempt to kill svechina vera and has to go to jail....oe grave..hangarian is fake and

mafia and has to go to criminal  jail.,.or .be killed.



didnt allowed any changes ....mafia tried to 

replace svechina vera with hangarian 

prostitute  with toylet paper..

without telling svechina vera

.and they killed he is part of veras film......

as they  happy that 

"Barbara Kosmal" killed 1993.. and only they have to go to criminal jail for the rest of life  or be killed., jaime is not the bride that is suppost to be "stolen" and to use svechina veras motehr and veras wedding plans is not cool...svechina vera dont want to be part of that crap. that is cirminal case.....fake 

and not royal cservenyak is not important at all

 knows with mafia  kgb


they doing illegally getting on life of 

(TOKUBETSU) svechina 

vera. that lives in sf usa

and has different project  from mafia projects 

1991 deselve of ussr made for making peace beween japan and russia and making train from hokaido and kunashir , making veras film and cherry blossom princess svechina veras wedding....
please must go on....heart of "anetta" is 

braking inside the film......
mafia hangarian chervenayk in nederlands and russian 

mafia after octopus party 2009 made attempt to kill svechina 

vera in sf inside of svechina veras apt. 

and killed bretney anne merfy.. wojcicki stole 

my card 2006.....and jean pigozzi came to ted 2003 

on veras time with greek that is not suppost to go to the 

edge on veras time. 1961, 1 russian copy of uncle of 

1 human woman that will be born 1973 ..was in cosmos...for svechina vera USSR .....class of svechina veras 


already was known that GREEK ROYAL FAMILY is going to be out for svechina vera

that is VERA.......(princess olga of greece and italians out of the picture till 2009 at list or 2012) 

it svechina veras family time.....SVECHINA VERAS...IT'S HUMER time. 

for svechina vera


1755Piaget get AI princess Piaget  ( ​ is a Swiss luxury watchmakers and jewellers, founded in 1874 by Georges Piaget in the village of La Côte-aux-Fées. 
Blancpain.svg svechina vera twin is sneezing please love BOURBON  prince born there for svechina vera 1972 no problem.....for peace 

street....please Princess D Vera....1st, size d breasts 

princess (NINGEN)

Vera and then prince charles got married to princess DIANA

in england. to help to svechina vera......

and blond putins 1997 and 

nedelands disco blonds and hangarian mafia killed diana 

and tried to kill 

svechina vera and they have to go to jail. 1989 

emperor akihito and empress michiko got to the trone and 

svechina vera is already heir...since 1973.....north tine 

(to girl tina) :

the last train from roppongi


(in russian 

1973.....svechina vera born and for svechina vera KING KONSTANTIN left GREECE)

teenager svechina vera taking to ron wood..(VOOBSHE RON, IM KING OF GREECE)...and 

roling stones came to la sing with svechina vera..........and jackson....

and last train from roppongi aka asobi 


george so princess O gate 15 princess svechina vera moved was made...1949 george came from hangary to economic school......japanese moved out from 4 veras islands....
for svechina vera......

 понедельник 19 октября 1987 года 


1987 getting ready to izakaya duet with film last train from roppongi aka asobi 
and stock market didnt know......?
19 years old svechina vera signed to go to japan...

....Шварц Е. BLACK EMPRESS...Картинки по запросу золушка фильм1947 

(SVECHINA VERAS MOTHER was 5 years old)

Встаньте, дети, встаньте в круг,
Встаньте в круг, встаньте в круг!
Жил на свете добрый жук,
Старый добрый друг.
Никогда он не ворчал,
Не кричал, не пищал,
Громко крыльями трещал,
Строго ссоры запрещал.

knowing of posible attempt to kill new 



vera and 1974 telluride film

festival made


american woman are "ye, right!" and

against posible killing princess/movie maker 



people knew that svechina vera is new 

empress from USSR........

and were for the 

wedding of


svechina vera and prince: 1957 the 

prince japan loves svechina vera


the movie maker show girl.svechina vera..

.....for fairitale.......


that is the "program"........

for modern day cin da rela 

from film last train from 

roppongi: is against broken for broken 

hearts made in new svechina veras country 

land of 1000 candles....

.(let them close hustler for 1 week or

whatever in they need..managment


1976..worning in america.

apple made logo from veras face 1977 to 

protect svechina veras right as a new IT 

princess /empress

1997 stock ton for svechina vera in usa 

1999 BAG . reed jobs .....: 

a lot of night workers are like 

that.....: Встаньте, дети, встаньте в круг,
Встаньте в круг, встаньте в круг!
Жил на свете добрый жук,
Старый добрый друг.
Никогда он не ворчал,
Не кричал, не пищал,
Громко крыльями трещал,
Строго ссоры запрещал. (VERY SEROUS PROJECT woman from that photo now 70 years old...)



vera: Billy, JEAN IS NOT my lover. he is 

rapist 2005 .... princess anetta


jean: she just a girl that said Im the one


but the kid is not my son....... michael

jackson friend with svechina vera....

and we go to nederlands and getting to jail 

hangairan mafia tivor chervenyak 

rapist 1993

for his ugly fake bullshit cservenyak 

and all related to attempt to 

kill real bride of prince jaime 

svechina vera, made terrorist attack against 

svechina vera 2001 with film last train from

roppongi and killed steve jobs, 

killed veras father and 

killed michael jackson and for killed princess 

diana and organising monica luinski bullshit

.....hangarian and what they got in her

ugly stomak need to be killed with all "KGB" 

that got that criminal bullshit against svechina 

vera (apple logo) done....jaime is not married 

till rapist hangarians and killed veras father

and tried to kill vera hangarian jail related 

viktoriya with mafia in jail or grave and till jaime


didnt pay damge to svechina vera and veras 

1997 academy of art had mc hummer....


time for ..HOME 33 of 

takaeva tamara and heir SVECHINA VERA new IT 


and blackland....... crime made.....fake 

hangarian got fake russian mamontova marina and fake 


knowing of svechina vera and prince jaime bernardo and 

svechina veras family without mafia and they agree to kill 

svechina vera and steve jobs and he is Princess SVECHINA 


is friend with JAPAN....

crime made: on svechina veras place and time is criminal 

mafia :

.. who allowed to get on svechina veras

place illegally.....? they making crimes and 

money illegally on svechina veras illegall 

absence (they make crime behind veras back

that is crime....)

Картинки по запросу putin

to look in veras mothers private photos?

veras photos and in veras mothers photos

and create plans against life of svechina vera and veras 

mother and all veras family and friends?

 to bring to ted 2003 enimies of all: kicked out

 of greece for svechina veras birth 1973....

 Olga of greece and marina, get marina to fake building of 

apt. 97...

against svechina vera and against prince jaime bernardo 

and against pigozzi , against steve jobs ......

on time of home33 and blackland? killed steve jobs and tried to kill svechina vera and they have to go to jail.

please help me to get them to jail....


..non of that people have right to get in 


of svechina vera :cservenayk made  death of

  Conor in 


Image result for conor clapton..Image result for conor clapton... 

and killed  many other people Image result for ruslana korshunova nina ricciand 

children..ruslana korshunova 2008..

 VERA KRASAVITSA ( IS the MILENIUM logo model.....steve princess japan...)

svechina vera is peace nobel prize winner born person .

4 january..jean  pigozzi's birthday SVECHINA VERA  NINE 

svechina vera (CHERRY BLOSSOM (П) PRINCESS)  asked for  birth of jean 1952.....

1996 jean pigozzi got panama for svechina vera PRINCESS IS SVECHINA VERA that is svechina vera's FIANCE.....jaime bernardo...

that is friend of svechina veras family hercules bellville (her place forest.....en.  russian japanese home is only svechina veras )  friend of bernardo bertolucci .

that is also SVECHINA VERA   1978  film came out ....появился на свет сын Вася 

1978 shkolnyy vals.jpg.
vasya was pig (prince iz gollandii) with svechina vera 1997 in usa

( KOSHACHIY) = svechina veras
=film made in USSR for svechina vera and prince jaime bernardo to watch them together......that is romantic films...made for prince jaime and svechina vera only...

and Barbara Kosmal killed by mafia against svechina vera: after svechina vera went to JAPAN 1993......

Barbara Kosmal (posible friend for svechina vera film director) (u 26 feb 1973 w Warszawie, zm. 15 maja 1993 w Brzezinach) – początkująca aktorka filmowa i modelka.

if hangairan and blonds  were   legaly with prince jaime

 they would tell 


 vera ...instead of killing 

svechina veras relatvies and try to kill svechina vera.....

svechina vera dont know prince jaime...

kill Barbara Kosmal, and many other woman

1993 mafia  went fake disco way: (fake building) 

changed shirts after svechina vera started film school

1997 to ugly disco blond...with hangarian prostitute 

cservenyak and zhukova mafia, blond 2008...who else vera 

dont know ,  planed ROYAL child of svechina vera and prince jaime they try to kill  also........herkules bellville they killed.....svechina veras father they killed........

 jean pigozzi : "land of 1000 candles" is GREAT 

princess and stanford....(her place forest)

Jean Loui Piel (film producer)


that is mafia: fake:
alexia has to go to jail for attempt to kill vera svechina...with mafia zhukova
that has no relation to svechina vera and to veras mother..

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